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Roberta's Picks

Roberta Laidig shares a few of her favorite books. They are all available on cloudLibrary.

Looking for a good read? Try Anna Quindlen’s Alternate Side. This character driven novel is full of insightful observations of people and everyday life in New York City. Subtly exploring the city’s cultural, racial and economic diversity.

Olive Again is a welcome addition for Elizabeth Strout’s followers and an engaging story for new readers. This moving novel explores the usual and unusual in everyday life in Crosby, Maine. Olive continues as a formidable person meeting life’s large and small crises as she gets older. Through Olive’s struggles and her interactions with other larger than life characters, the author delves into the issues of love, family and aging. Looking to get lost in a thriller? Chris Bohjalian’s The Guest Room definitely fills this bill. His storytelling grabs the reader and draws you into a combination of nightmare and horror. Seemingly normal life events and desires turn into disasters. Bad decisions compounded by involvement with contemptible businessmen contribute to this suspenseful story. In keeping with his history of addressing “hot button”issues, he exposes the realities of sex-trafficking.

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