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Your support is vital to the Haddonfield Public Library. By donating, you let us know how important it is to you that the community where you live is served by a strong public library.  Whatever the library means to you – finding new worlds through reading, gaining new skills, engaging programs, an historic building that has served generations of Haddonfield past and will continue to welcome families for generations to come – you can help make it happen! And you can make your tax-deductible gift to the library through the Haddonfield Foundation – it’s easy and instructions are provided below. 

How to Donate Through the Haddonfield Foundation


Click "Donate Today"

Haddonfield Foundation website


Click the "Donation Amount" field and type in the amount.


Click the "A Specific Cause" field.


Type "Haddonfield Public Library"


Fill in your credit card information and click "Donate."

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