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Quarantine Reading ... quaranreading ... quareading?

I'll stop. This is part two of Ginger's quarantine reading.


Who knew we would still be “quarantining” this deep into the summer, but at least it’s a good time to keep finding great new books to read. We have started ordering again, and have lots of new items coming into the library! Here’s everything I’ve read since my last post – I admittedly give up pretty quickly if a book isn’t grabbing my attention, so if I finish a book I feel like it’s worth recommending! Happy reading!

Of course I’ve read lots of historical fiction, and a few that I absolutely loved…

Exile Music by Jennifer Steil is at the top of the list. A Jewish family escapes Vienna before the war and find that Bolivia is the only country that will take them. The book is written in the voice of the imaginative young daughter, growing up with parents who are musicians, as they all try to adjust to a totally different world. Beautifully written and inspirational.

In a Field of Blue by Gemma Liviero is excellent also. A son who is presumed dead after World War I might be a husband and father to a woman and her son who show up at the family estate in England. His brother decides to travel and find out the truth, and the story is told in his and other voices. Loved this one.

The Light in Hidden Places by Sharon Cameron. A Young Adult novel based on the true story of a Polish teenager who hid Jews in her attic during the war. Once again just amazing to me what people went through to save lives during that time. Highly recommend.

Daughter of the Reich, by Louise Fein was good. Told from the perspective of a German girl whose father was a high-ranking Nazi. Didn’t like as much as the others listed above, but still worth reading.

A Hero of France, by Alan Furst. I was searching for something to read and came across this on CloudLibrary. It was ok, honestly not very well-written but an interesting story.

Moving on to other categories…

The Shooting at Chateau Rock, by Martin Walker. The newest installment in the Bruno, Chief of Police series. I always enjoy these books that take place in France - in addition to the murder mystery there is always lots of good food and wine discussion!

The Love Story of Missy Carmichael by Beth Morrey. An older woman who finds herself alone connects with some quirky characters, a dog - and tries to reconnect with her estranged daughter. Cute and entertaining.

The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi is the story of a henna artist/healer/divorced woman making her way in a trying Indian culture. She also takes in a younger sister that she didn’t know she had. Really liked this book and definitely recommend!

Saving the best for last…Shiner by Amy Jo Burns. Wren is a young girl growing up with a preacher father and a lonely mother in isolated, rural West Virginia. After several tragic incidents, she uncovers family secrets as she is trying to understand her community and the “moonshiners.” Absolutely loved this book – it is available on CloudLibrary and we are currently ordering a regular and a large print copy. Get on the list!

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