Library Interior


Welcome to the Haddonfield Public Library! We are very happy to serve the Haddonfield community. We offer services for all members of the community, from the youngest toddlers to the mightiest senior citizens. Please take a few minutes to search our site map for the many programs and services that are available. Please visit us at the library or via the web, which offers library services 24/7. Use our Contact Us section to ask a question, make a suggestion, or to stay in touch. We hope to see you @ the library!


Take Exit 32 from I-295. Follow the sign to Haddonfield. Continue for just more than 1 mile. As you enter Haddonfield, there are baseball fields to your right. Bear left to the traffic light. Go through this light; at the next light turn left onto Kings Highway. Turn right onto Tanner Street at the next light. (The Library will be on your right in less than two blocks). Turn right onto Haddon Avenue, just before the traffic light. There is street parking on Haddon Avenue and on nearby streets.


Below is a list of our current policies which refer to the philosophy, rules and regulations under which the library operates. The Library Board decides on policy. The implementation of policy through the use of procedures is the duty of the Library Director and staff. Policies are reviewed periodically for timeliness, relevance, and accuracy. The policies relating to Public Services are contained in this section of the website.