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Our Mission

The purpose of the Haddonfield Public Library is to serve the people of Haddonfield by providing ready access to information and ideas. Building on a tradition begun in 1803, the Library is a center for lifelong learning, welcoming people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. The Library’s collections and services are dynamic and designed to meet the informational, educational and cultural needs of the community.


Take Exit 32 from I-295. Follow the sign to Haddonfield. Continue for just more than 1 mile. As you enter Haddonfield, there are baseball fields to your right. Bear left to the traffic light. Go through this light; at the next light turn left onto Kings Highway. Turn right onto Tanner Street at the next light. (The Library will be on your right in less than two blocks). Turn right onto Haddon Avenue, just before the traffic light. There is street parking on Haddon Avenue and on nearby streets.


Staff Directory

Kathy Metrick

Technical Services Supervisor

856-429-1304 x116

Heather Lacy

Circulation Manager

856-429-1304 x113

Cynthia Guerra

Interlibrary Loan Coordinator

856-429-1304 x112

Eric Zino

Library Director

856-429-1304 x111

Cathy DeCampli

Emerging Technology & Teen Services Librarian

856-429-1304 x119

Andrea Elson

Emerging Technology Technician

856-429-1304 x119

Jordan Bilodeau

Children's Librarian

856-429-1304 x117

Andrea Rizzuto

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

856-429-1304 x115

Amy Goodworth

Library Board President


Contact List


These policies refer to the philosophy, rules, and regulations under which the library operates. The Library Board decides on policy. The implementation of policy through the use of procedures is the duty of the Library Director and staff. Policies are reviewed periodically for timeliness, relevance, and accuracy. The policies relating to Public Services are contained in this section of the website. 

The Library Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees is an autonomous body charged in NJ Statutes Annotated 40:54-9 to oversee the operation, use, and governance of NJ public libraries. The Board may consist of from seven to nine members, one of whom shall be the mayor or other chief executive officer of the municipality as well as the superintendent of schools. The Board shall hold in trust and manage all property of the library. It may make rules and regulations for the government of the library, and do all things necessary for the maintenance of the free public library. Its meeting schedule is below.

Amy Goodworth, President (term expires 12/26)
Janet Hallahan, Vice-President (term expires 12/27)

Nancy Riley, Treasurer (term expires 12/24)

Patty Lynn, Secretary (term expires 12/24)

Louise Senopoulos (term expires 12/25)

Bettiann Young (term expires 12/24)

vacant (term expires 12/28)
Mayor Colleen Bianco Bezich
Superintendent of Schools

Board minutes and by-laws can be found here.

Our Strategic Plan

The Library and the Board of Trustees are happy to present our strategic plan for 2020 through 2023.  The plan and the research that contributed directly to the development of the plan is linked here on this page.

Our thanks go to those who made this process successful including:

  • The Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Committee: Matt Smith, co-chair; Janet Hallahan, co-chair; Brian Stafford; Amy Goodworth; Eric Zino, technical advisor and library director

  • Aleksandra Brittain, Focus Group Facilitator

  • The many residents of Haddonfield who participated in one of our 9 Focus Groups

  • The staff of the Library who also contributed ideas and quickly began executing the goals and objectives expressed in the plan

2020-2023 Strategic Plan  

The plan has been produced as a concise presentation of our goals and objectives for the next three years.  At the conclusion of each calendar year, an annual report will be produced that will summarize our progress on each goal as well as the service metrics from that year. 

Summary of 2019 Focus Group Sessions  In November 2019, the Library conducted nine focus group sessions.  This document summarizes the comments and observations, many of which contributed directly to one of the goals or objectives in the plan.  

ESRI Demographic Data, Haddonfield 

To ensure that the Library considers the current population when developing services, we acquired a detailed market segmentation report that goes beyond the census demographic report.  

Annual Library Service Metrics, 2020  

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