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Great books available now on the cloudLibrary – no waiting!

I'm sure many of you have come to rely on Ginger's reading recommendations over the years. Well, here are a few of her ebook picks!


I want to recommend several books that are available right now on the cloudLibrary – no waiting, and you will be guaranteed four great reads!

I love historical fiction – especially World War II – and here are two excellent books that I highly recommend –

The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman.

A mother will do anything to get her child out of Germany, even enlisting the help of a local rabbi to create a Golem to travel with her daughter. A bit of fantasy intertwined with a beautiful story of hope and strength and love.

Wunderland by Jennifer Cody Epstein.

In 1989 New York a woman is searching for answers to her mother’s life in Berlin during World War II. A well-told story of friendship and betrayal.

To lighten things up a bit, I also thoroughly enjoyed The Unlikely Adventures of the

Shergill Sisters by Balli Kaur Jaswal. A mother’s dying wish is for her three daughters to travel to India to carry out her final rites. A story of family and reconnecting – touching and funny.

Finally, a coming-of-age story of a young boy in 1970’s Missouri – Nothing More Dangerous by Alan Eskens. A 15-year old boy dealing with bullying, racism, and a mysterious disappearance in his town. You won’t be able to put this one down!



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