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Ebooks Galore!

Okay, so: Haddonfield Library is closed. Schools are closed. We’ve got a curfew, we’re self-isolating, and a lot of us are out here staring down our refrigerators and wondering if we want to risk getting take-out or have a pizza delivered. Massive amounts of humans are working from home, if they’re still working. I’m writing this blog from home, and chances are, that’s where you’re reading this from.

So what are you going to do with all this time on your hands? Many of us have children to care for, which means you’re probably going to be turning to the vast amounts of internet storytimes that are popping up every day, some of which we have linked on our Facebook page. Which is amazing! You can also check out the wealth of printable coloring pages from museums across the world.

But if you’re looking to keep your kids in school mode, we do have a few resources geared towards learning: specifically, TumbleMath and TumbleBooks. TumbleMath is one of, if not the best collection of math picture books for younger students. It has the Sir Cumference series, Math Manga for all of the manga readers out there, and Mouse Math for your animal lovers. There’s even Music Math!

If you’re well past carrying the ones and need a break, don’t worry: TumbleBooks also has your back. There are read-alongs for classics like Anne of Green Gables, a wealth of graphic novels, and popular authors like Kate DiCamillo and Robert Munsch. And we certainly can’t forget about non-fiction books! TumbleBooks has those too.

Perhaps you’re not a parent reading this, though. Perhaps you’re a high schooler or middle schooler who may or may not be bored out of your mind with distance learning. May I offer you the use of TeenBookCloud in this trying time? The dozens of graphic novels, classic books and new releases (I haven’t read Ella Enchanted in ages, but maybe now’s the time to give it a re-read) will keep you entertained in between studying for the SATs.

And for all of us, there’s still our standard cohort of apps, as well as the newly-added AudioBookCloud for all your audio book and ebook needs.

Happy reading! Stay well, and stay sane during quarantine!

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