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Teen Volunteering

The Teen Advisory Board has undergone a change. We are giving Haddonfield teens an opportunity to create change through small acts of kindness.  These might be activities you can do at home, scheduled activities in the library, or even reading and giving your opinion. Keep an eye on this page as more service opportunities become available.


Be a changemaker by participating in regularly scheduled volunteer opportunities. You can find these on our even calendar.


Earn service hours by reading and sharing your feedback. This opportunity will be available through the end of 2024.

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Coming soon.

How to read for fun and service hours


Students in middle and high school can earn service hours by reading from a select list of books and sharing their opinions. This review will be shared with a small group of librarians around the country to help assist with the curation of a list of ‘must haves’ for libraries. Teen feedback is very important.

Review the list of nominees. This is not the final list and will change throughout the year so check back for more reading options. Make sure you pick something that interests you. Once you choose a book, fill out this form to let Cathy know you intend to read it for service hours. This is not a commitment to finish it, just an accounting of how many people are participating.

As a reader, you will be evaluating the book as a potential addition to the annual ‘Best Fiction for Young Adults’ list. Submit your feedback through this Google form. You must have read the book in full unless it was so bad you couldn’t finish it. In that case, note it in your feedback

After submitting your feedback form, email Cathy. If your feedback is constructive you will be eligible for 2 credit hours. It is your responsibility to bring any logs or other forms to the library for a signature.

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