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Sweet & Savory

We are all at home ~ working, schooling, & then recharging whenever we can outdoors. Many of us are discovering or rediscovering hobbies & interests to fill the creative spaces in between. Library staff who love to bake are no different. Our bakers have tried these recipes during the quarantine & recommend the results!

If you are a chocolate fan, there's much to love here. Jordan made a yummy

Chocolate Banana Bread with her children. They helped with the baking & the eating! Kathy served up quick & easy S'more Cookie Bars featuring the perfect trio: chocolate, marshmallow, & graham crackers. Extra good served warm...

Over the holiday weekend, Jen & her family experimented with these recipes & want to share the delicious results! Try Whipped Coffee in three easy ingredients! This Focaccia Bread is both fragrant & quick to put together. It's paired with an herb & parmesan topping. Homebodies will love the baking aromas, too.

With grocery shopping tricky these days, find meal suggestions from SpruceEats based on limited ingredients in your fridge & pantry. Close to home, The Inquirer polled local chefs for their favorite staples to spice-up everyday cooking. Bon appetit!

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