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New Year, New Words

The good folks and lexicographers at Merriam-Webster calculate interest in and impact of a given word by how often people look it up online. It’s an interesting snapshot of the decade to look back at the last ten Words of the Year, along with new terms added to the dictionary.

2010: Austerity 

2011: Pragmatic

2012: Socialism and capitalism 

2013: Science

2014: Culture 

2015: -ism (Socialism, Fascism, Racism, Feminism, Communism) 

New words from the first half of the decade: fist bump, tweet, bromance, parkour, man cave, underwater, earworm, bucket list, gastropub, twerking, hashtag, selfie, catfish, unfriend, crowdfunding, big data, emoji, net neutrality, meme, clickbait, jegging, NSFW

2016: Surreal 

2017: Feminism

2018: Justice

2019: They—gender neutral pronoun to be used in place of "he" or "she"

New words: gig economy, swole, stan, deep state, dad joke, FOMO, revenge porn, froyo, weak sauce, photobomb, listicle, facepalm, bougie, TL;DR, bingeable, airplane mode, fintech, zoodle, Latinx

Go forth into 2020 with a refreshed vocabulary, friends. And Happy New Year!

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