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Make Your Own Cork Stick

In case you missed your chance to get a kit of your own... we've got the instructions right here!

How to make a wine-cork yardstick:

You will need:

  • Approximately 38-40 wine corks

  • One yardstick, preferably with a hole drilled at the end (for hanging purposes)

  • Hot glue or super glue

  • Command hooks or command tape (for hanging)


  • Paint, for your yardstick

  • Decoration! Think fake florals, buttons, felt cut-outs… anything you think might be nice nestled in amongst the corks.

Pre-Step 1: If you have bought your own yardstick, drill a quarter-inch hole into the top end. If you are painting your yardstick, paint it first and let it dry. Remember, most of the yardstick will be covered in corks, so there’s no real reason to paint the ENTIRE yardstick.

Step 1: Arrange your corks on the stick! A champagne cork might look nice at the top. Be sure to make the “top” of your stick the side that has the hole drilled in. If you are adding some decorations, place them now.

Step 2: Carefully glue your corks onto the yardstick, one at a time. You may need to place some glue on both the back of the cork to adhere it to the yardstick, and on the sides to adhere it to the other corks. If you are using decorations, glue them on now as well.

Step 3: Once you have glued down all your corks and decorations, let dry overnight just to be safe. For extra oomph, place it under something heavy, like a 2x4 or a bunch of books to really let the glue set.

Step 4: You’re done! Use this stick just like you’d use a cork board. It fits in convenient spaces, like above the fridge, a narrow space next to a door, or in any space in a dorm room.

Be sure to tag @haddonfieldlibrary in any photos of your finished cork stick, and happy decorating!

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