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Battling the Corona 15

We all remember what it was like to go off to college and receive that fateful warning - 'beware the freshman 15.' Well, that was a long time ago but it feels like we're facing the same dilemma again. A wrench has been thrown into our routines. Healthy eating slowly gets replaced by pantry grazing and a closed gym means more time binging shows on the couch and much less movement. Fortunately YouTube has plenty of free fitness videos for every type of workout and activity level. Below are some of our favorites.

With over 4 million subscribers and a decade's worth of content, Popsugar is a major source of fitness videos for women. You can find all the latest trends including HIIT, P90X, and crossfit, plus targeted workouts.

This husband and wife team have over 600 free videos. Power through 1000 calorie workouts or intense, no equipment HIIT routines. If that's not your style, try their workouts for people who get bored easily or one of their many strength training routines. FitnessBlender also offers lots of clean eating recipes and tips on healthy living.

Now is probably the perfect time to start particing yoga and this channel has plenty of videos for beginners. Adriene also has targeted videos for whatever might be ailing you - anxiety, lack of focus, tension. Next time your trying to lead a conference call while your kids are screaming at you, lock yourself in the bathroom with your phone and a 10 minute yoga video.

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