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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

How are our favorite writers dealing with these uncertain times?

Here authors share how their coping and provide some reading escapes, too!

Find e-book versions of the latest titles by Ruth Reichl, Emily St. John Mandel, &

Chuck Wendig in the library's cloudLibrary collection.


It's no surprise that well known food writer, critic, & memoirist Ruth Reichl has turned to what she knows best during the epidemic...baking bread.

Emily St. John Mandel knows what it like to publish in the midst of a health crisis. Her latest, The Glass Hotel, was released on March 24th. Hear how her acclaimed 2014 novel Station Eleven is connected to current events too.

Chuck Wendig discusses the prescient parallels between his "Best of 2019" novel Wanderers and the Corona virus outbreak. His advice on what to do while we're waiting is refreshing as well.

Kids' authors are reaching out to readers, sharing their talents, &

hosting launch parties for authors whose book promotions have been cancelled by the crisis. Find out how!

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