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Full STEAM Ahead

Haddonfield kids have been busy at the library. They have been coding art, programming robots, and creating their own short films. All of this is a part of the library's Summer STEAM workshops. The kids had fun while learning about science, technology, engineering, art, and math. In our Lego Robots class, students designed robots that were able to move, detect color and respond to touch. They put their creativity to work to build elaborate machines and make them to their bidding.

In our computer science class, students used Scratch to create art ranging from, graffiti, to interactive versions of classic works, to digital filters. As their final project, the kids created some truly unique greeting cards. Check out Justin, Sam, Michael, and Daniel on Scratch to see their creations.

Finally our stop motion animation class used the Hue Animation Studio to plan, write, and record their own short films. Working in groups, the kids populated their movies with play-doh, Lego people, and even fruit. Below are the creations from each of the "studios."

Studio Donuts

Movie Title: Mission Impossible

Director: Ben

Actor: Luke

Camera Operator: Evan

No Name Studio

Movie Title: Lego

Director: Sophia

Actor: Charlie

Camera Operator: Daniel

No Name Studio

Movie Title: Orange

Roblox Studio

Movie Title: The Orange Strikes Again

Director: Logan

Actor: Keiran

Camera Operator: Matt

Roblox Studio

Movie Title: The Underworld

Director: Matthew

Actor: Logan

Camera Operator: Keiran

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