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Mobile Printing @ HPL

Send documents and pictures from internet accessible devices anywhere to print/retrieve at the library

OPTION 1: Send the File as an Email Attachment

Login to your email account and send/forward an email with an attached file to 1 of the following library printer addresses. Please be aware the black and white prints are $.20 per page and color prints are $.50 per page. 


Send black and white prints to

Send color prints to

Email your file

OPTION 2: Upload the File to the Web Portal

In your device browser, visit

Enter your email address and browse your device to select (double click) a file to print. 


Follow the gray arrow keys. To approve the print job, click the green icon.

Upload your file

OPTION 3: Download the App for Tablet/Phone


Download PrinterOn App from your device's App Store. Next click "No Printer Selected" and then "Search". Enter the library's zip code.

Choose the desired HPL printer (b/w or color). Tap Documents or Photos to select a file on your device.


Next, click the Print button and enter your email address. Tap Done on the keyboard and tap the Checkmark at the top of the screen. Click Print History on the bottom toolbar to check job status.

Print Webpages through the Printeron App too

From the App main screen, select Web. In the search bar, type in the desired web address -

for example

Select the article or pages to print. The App converts the pages to a PDF file. Follow the Print directions listed in the paragraph directly above.


In the App, change HPL printers by selecting the Printer tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Search button and enter zip code 08033 in the search bar or tap Location to find HPL and make a different printer selection.

Download the app
  • For all options, be sure to enter your email address carefully.

  • All documents are retrieved at the library entering your email address at the Print Release Station.

  • After submitting a print job, check your email for confirmation that the job processed successfully.

  • See you at the library for print pickup!

  • Remember to bring coins or bills ($1, $5) to pay for your print job ($.20 b/w or $.50 color per page).

  • At the library, print preview of documents is available before print release/payment.

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