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Haddonfield Heirloom Project

A partnership of Haddonfield Public Library and The Best Day of My Life So Far

What is the Haddonfield Heirloom Project?

History exists in the everyday objects surrounding us. Teapots, clocks, tables. Our homes are filled with the stories of our families.

Woman holding chicken statue showing man holding a child

What are we doing?

We will be developing a virtual reality collection of heirlooms from Haddonfield homes and the owners' stories so that all residents may interact with these cherished objects for years to come.

Two seniors dancing
Old man smiling

Why is this important?

The purpose of this partnership is to reduce social isolation and bring generations together by celebrating human stories, using objects to start our conversation.

Man with Grandsons

How is this funded?

The Haddonfield Heirloom Project will be funded through grants and private donors. If you would like to contribute to the success of this project please donate to The Best Day of My Life So Far and designate it for the Haddonfield Heirloom Project.

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What's our plan?

Collecting Stories

We are currently collecting stories through our Facebook group. As stories are submitted we will select some to be included in the virtual reality collection.

Community Gatherings

When the Covid 19 crisis has fully passed we will begin to hold gatherings where we can collect more stories.

Create the VR Collection

When the final heirlooms have been selected the virtual collection will be created and cataloged for easy access.

Showcase Events

The collection will be introduced to the public through showcase events.

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