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What is cloudLibrary

Borrow current, bestselling ebooks for all ages. Checkout up to 5 ebooks at a time. No fines; titles expire automatically after 14 days. Early return is possible to allow more borrowing. Reserve up to 5 titles at a time. Receive emails when reserves are ready. Download held titles within 48 hours.

How do I download ebooks?

Download the cloudLibrary reading app for mobile devices or PC/Mac. Using the state search, find Haddonfield PL. Enter your library card number and library password (PIN). Then browse, checkout, and enjoy! Internet access via WiFi or cellular networks is needed only to checkout and download ebooks. Then read anywhere!

What devices are supported by the cloudLibrary?

Android phones/tablets (including Nook 7 tablet and Nook by Samsung) - iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch - Kindle Fire (2nd generation+), Kindle HD, Kindle HDX - PC (Windows), Mac (OS X) Transfer ebooks to older generation Nook devices and Kobo e-readers using the cloudLibrary’s PC or Mac app with USB cable. Here are more complete Nook details.

Can't remember your library password or having trouble with account creation?

Contact the library. Fines, overdues, or an expired library card may be preventing you from signing up. For more information about setting up your account and downloading the reading app, visit the cloudLibrary overview page.


What is hoopla digital?

A media platform offering thousands of ebooks, comics, music albums, e-audiobooks, movies, & TV for all ages to borrow.

What do I need to sign up?

A current HPL library card in good standing, library password (pin), unique email, and hoopla password of your choosing.

Is there a charge to stream of download titles?

The service is absolutely free for Haddonfield patrons. Beginning in 2019, borrow up to 4 titles per calendar month. No fines! Titles are automatically returned when due.

Do I have to wait for popular titles?

No waiting or reserves needed. Titles may be borrowed by multiple users at the same time.

How long may I borrow titles?

Generally 3 days for films and TV, 7 days for music, 21 days for ebooks, comics, and audiobooks.

How do I watch or listen to hoopla digital?

Stream titles in computer browser or in hoopla app on iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire (5th gen+) supported devices. Temporarily download titles via apps as well. Borrowing, streaming, and downloading require Internet access. Once downloaded, titles can be enjoyed offline.

How do I get started?

Visit hoopla to create an account and download the free hoopla app. Checkout hoopla help and browse tabs for more info about basic start-up, supported devices, and watching video content on various TV applications.


What e-titles are available for borrowing on OverDrive?

Stream ebooks and audiobooks via Internet browser or download to mobile devices for offline reading and listening. Haddonfield PL participates in the South Jersey OverDrive consortium. Patrons share titles with borrowers across the region.

What are OverDrive lending limits?

Borrow up to 8 titles and reserve up to 10 titles at a time. Checkout for 7 or 14 days depending on limit selected in account settings. Titles expire automatically though early return is possible. No fines accrue! Renew within 3 days of expiration if no holds placed on item.

How do I get started in OverDrive?

There are multiple ways to begin borrowing. All require a library card. Sign in at SJ OverDrive site or through OverDrive app. You can also create an account at OverDrive.com to take advantage of enhanced features. Here’s a full description of different sign in options.

How can I find out if my phone or tablet is compatible with OverDrive?

OverDrive provides extensive Help screens. Access full details on supported PCs and mobile devices including Apple, Android, Kindle, Chromebook, and Nook.

Where can I download the OverDrive app for my device?

Travel to this page for all app links. Just a reminder - Internet is required to stream or download titles as well as to sync reading/listening progress across devices under the same account. Once titles are fully downloaded in the app, read or listen offline, even with Airplane mode on.

Are there special audience features in OverDrive?

In addition to the main SJ OverDrive collection, there’s a Kids portal for young readers. To access, click on "Kids" in the upper left corner of the SJ OverDrive landing page. Also, in account settings, you may limit by audience titles that will be visible in the app. Five audience levels: all audiences, juvenile, young adult, general adult, mature adult.

RBdigital (formerly Zinio)

What kind of titles are available through RBdigital?

Stream full-length color magazines via your PC or mobile browser. Read magazines offline via app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle HD/HDX.

How many magazines are contained in the library's RBdigital collection?

Choose from over 50+ popular titles for all ages including Spanish language titles. Uniquely, there are no borrowing limits or due dates. Keep checked out issues as long as you wish.

How do I create an RBdigital account and checkout issues?

Access the RBGateway, click the “Create an Account” link, and enter your library barcode. Provide an email address and password to serve as future RBdigital login credentials. Click a magazine cover, select Checkout, and start reading. Manage your account through My Magazine Collection and My Preferences tabs in the login drop down box.

How do I download an RBdigital app for offline reading?

App links are available on the library collection page header/footer for iPad® and Android™, iPhone®, Kindle Fire™. The app is listed in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android Store as RBdigital Magazines. Once your account has been created through the RBdigital Gateway, titles may be checked out in the app as well.

Need more information or have additional questions?

Visit RBdigital Help for detailed FAQs, device specific user guides, and video tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions


Family Petitions

One of the advantages provided to you as a “permanent resident” living in the United States is the ability to sponsor other family members to allow them to enter the United States legally. If you are a U.S. citizen you may sponsor your spouse, children, grandchildren, and for adults 21 years of age or older, you may be able to sponsor your siblings and their families.

Employment Petitions

The U.S. immigration laws provide for many different visa classifications based upon an offer of employment from a U.S. based employer. Some visas are available to individuals who have proven exceptional abilities or accomplishments in education, business, arts and science. Some are available to people who qualify as a skilled worker or professional who have earned a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent in work experience or a foreign degree equivalent. Other visas are available to individuals who qualify as “special immigrants” such as members of the media, press or religious workers. There is also a visa classification directed to “intra-company transferees”. This visa is designed for provide people who work for a foreign corporation to be able to transfer to live and legally work for a U.S. affiliate of the foreign corporation.

Labor Certification

In many of the visa classifications based on an offer of employment, the prospective employer will be required to undertake the “labor certification” process. This involves advertising the job offer with an advertisement that meets the technical requirements of the U.S. Labor Department and USCIS with respect to the skills required to fill the position and the salary or wage offered. This process can be very complicated and requires the assistance of someone who is familiar with this process. Successfully obtaining consent to fill the position with a non-citizen means that the employer was unable to fill the position with a qualified U. S. citizen.


If you are a Green Card holder you may want to complete the journey to citizenship. The basic requirements are as follows: You must be a Green Card holder for a minimum of 5 years, you must be fluent in reading, writing and speaking the English language, and you must have a basic knowledge of the U. S. government and history.


There are various visa classifications available through the USCIS. For example, the U.S. Immigration Laws provide for non-U.S. citizens to apply to live and study in the United States through the student visa application proves. The student visa may apply to those seeking to study at an accredited traditional academic university or to those seeking to study in a trade school setting. Each case is unique and requires an analysis of each individual situation. In addition to student visas, the USCIS also provides for U.S. citizens to apply for a fiancé visa to allow their intended spouse to enter the U. S. legally for the purpose of entering into marriage relationship. This visa is generally good for a 90 day period during which it is expected that the marriage will take place and further immigration applications can be submitted for permanent resident status. Again, each case is unique and requires individual analysis.


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