Shade Tree Commission

The mission of the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission is to provide safe town trees while replacing, maintaining and preserving existing Borough trees and overall tree canopy. Unless a tree is unsafe, sick or dying it will not be removed. The community is best served and town budget expenses are reduced by maintaining existing mature trees rather than removing and replacing them without just cause. New trees are chosen for their historical longevity, disease resistance, growth characteristics and beauty.Only the members of the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission and authorized Borough employees may decide whether a Borough-owned tree is healthy or still useful to the

The Superintendent of Public Works of Haddonfield is the primary point of contact for Borough tree issues. The Borough Construction Office can advise residents regarding construction-related policies and procedures to the extent that planned construction may impact Borough-owned trees.


The purpose of the Haddonfield Public Library is to serve the people of Haddonfield by providing ready access to information and ideas. Building on a tradition begun in 1803, the Library is a center for lifelong learning, welcoming people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. The Library’s collections and services are dynamic and designed to meet the informational, educational and cultural needs of the community.




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