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Tax Information

Changes to the Tax Forms Outlet Program that took effect in 2015 mean that there will be a reduction in the quantity and types of print tax forms that will be available in the library.  The following forms and instructions can be found for free in the library while supplies last: 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ.  Though the IRS is only providing a limited variety of forms, the librarians are well versed in retrieving forms from the IRS website, available at www.irs.gov, and will assist customers in obtaining forms at a cost of $0.20 a page.

The state of NJ is no longer distributing state tax forms and instructions through NJ public libraries as a public service. The library is making provision to supply the most used forms at a cost of $0.20 a page. Other forms are available from the NJ Treasury site.  Our librarians will make every effort to assist customers in obtaining forms for the price of the copies.  Call 429-1304  for more information.

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