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"My guess is (it will be) about 300 years until computers are as good as, say, your local reference library in search."

- Craig Silverstein, Director of Technology, Google.com

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Research Tools

How to locate Magazine Issues in the Ebsco Databases  

Under ‘Online Databases’, select ‘Databases A-Z’, select EbscoHost’s ‘MasterFILE Premier’  [or another Ebsco magazine database entry].   You will be prompted to enter your 13 digit library card barcode number to enter the portal.

  1. Under the MasterFILE Premier or other Ebsco entry, click on ‘Title List‘.
  2. On the Title List page,  you can locate the magazine by  (a) typing in the SEARCH BOX  with the Journal/Magazine name and selecting  ‘Alphabetical” (or using Subject/Keywords and choosing ‘By Subject’ or ‘Match Any Words’), or  (b) tapping on the first letter of the title (excluding the initial words ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’) in the alphabet string.
  3. Click on the appropriate Journal/Magazine Title ex. Consumer Reports  (the blue title is a link to the entry).
  4. On the selected magazine title page to the right is a list of years included in the database.
  5. Click on the appropriate year for links to the issues for that year.

 How to locate Consumer Reports articles online free!

TO SEARCH:  Under ‘Online Databases’, select ‘Databases A-Z’, then enter your search term in the search box.   You will be prompted to enter your 13 digit library card barcode  number to enter the portal.

  1. Scroll down to the ‘Full Text’ box [Found under ‘Limit your results’]
  2. Check the box
  3. In the publication box, enter the magazine title, Consumer Reports.
  4. Click the search button [The green button at top or the grey button at the bottom]
  5. For the full text of the article you select, click ‘PDF Full Text’

Learning Express Library was added to the Library’s online database resources to  help you achieve your educational and career goals.  Choose a center and get started.

  1. Adult Learning Center has resources for busy adults to improve skills in math, reading and writing.  Prepare to become a U.S. citizen 
  2. Career Center  presents ways to learn about careers, prepare for nursing entrance exam, occupational exams (from allied health through teaching, including commercial driver’s license, cosmetology, firefighter, law enforcement, and more), also prepare for military exams, job search and workplace skills, WorkKeys Assessments and TOEiC, as well as college admissions essay writing.  
  3. College Center offers skills review including science, and preparation for grad school admissions exams, college placement tests, and CLEP.
  4. Computer and Internet Basics  shows interactive video tutorials to master computer skills and internet basics.
  5. College Preparation Center concentrates on prep for ACT, SAT, AP, PSAT, TOEFL. 
  6. High School Equivalency Center  focuses on building basic skills and preparation for GED, HiSET, or TSAC (all acceptable in NJ as high school equivalency exams).
  7. Job & Career Accelerator explores careers, the search for jobs, creation of resume and cover letters, prep for job interviews, and more.
  8. Popular Software Tutorials, interactive video tutorials, assists users to master popular software programs and the Windows and Mac operating systems.
  9. Recursos en espanol  is based on the Adult Learning Center.
  10. School Center  aims to improve skills for elementary (4th grade) through high school students                     

TO ACCESS A LEARNING EXPRESS TUTORIAL, TEST OR EBOOK, all new users must register by clicking “Register Now” in the lower right corner of the homepage or “Register” to the right of any product title. On the registration window, users provide their name and a valid email address, create a password, and click “Create Account”. These are all required fields. The email address will become the username and will also be used for password reset, if needed.  All returning users simply enter their username and password in the “Sign in to Your Account” section in the lower right corner of the homepage or “Login” to the right of any product title.    For COLLEGE PLANNING AND FINANCIAL AID see Facts on File’s Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center.

Resources – Employment and more

(Click here) Get Help: Tools For Tough Economic Times

  • The Affordable HealthCare open enrollment period is over for 2014.  For more information click on HealthCare.gov.
  • Click here to access Learning Express Library Achieve your educational and career goals.  (See details above).
    Learning Express’ Job & Career Accelerator combines everything you need for a successful job search into one easy-to-use online application.  You can create resumes and cover letters,  learn interviewing techniques,, and access millions of current local and national job listings.  Learning Express also provides many well-known computer courses to prepare for related exams 
  • NJCan is a free career and labor market information website.  It is presented by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Center for Occupational Employment Information, to the residents of New Jersey, and designed to help NJ teens, parents, and counselors learn more about career interests, career options, and the world of work.   It also provides information about industries, occupations and skills that are in demand in New Jersey.
  • Click Here Jobs4Jersey http://www.jobs4jersey.com/

Can we Help You with Your Research? Call …. Email …. or visit our professional librarians…. Our professional librarians and paraprofessionals can perform the following services for you:

  • Help you find the answers to your questions
  • Instruct you on the use of the library catalog to search for materials, place reserves, renew items and check your customer record
  • Assist you in finding authoritative resources for your research, especially in the areas of local history and genealogy
  • Locate and borrow items from other libraries if they are not in our collection
  • Provide homework assistance
  • Provide basic computer instruction to groups and individuals
  • Demonstrate the use of our remote-access databases and Electronic books at your school or place of work
  • Assist you with finding authoritative Internet sources on your topic
  • Talk to members of your organization about our programs and services

We are open to suggestions for other services that might better serve the Haddonfield community.  You can reach us at contact@haddonfieldlibrary.org Back to the top Many resources are included – ebook encyclopedia,  subject pathfinders,  and  life skills preparation in the areas of employment, food, health, housing, insurance, money, shopping, social skills, taxes and transportation.  Find Information on Haddonfield  This section contains links and items of interest for the Haddonfield community and those interested in its history and current opportunities.  Questions? Search this site or Ask a Librarian or Visit the Research section of this site.  Need help with Technology?  The library has computers available for public use.  A variety of classes are offered.  For more information email reference@haddonfieldlibrary.org

Try the eBook Reference Library.  Enter the search word/words in the blank space, then press the  ‘Search’ button.  To search the subject collections, click here.  (World Book Encyclopedia  is not included in the eBook Reference Library search tool.)

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