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Wireless Internet Use

We are pleased to offer free wireless Internet access to customers with appropriately equipped wireless devices.

Q: How can I use the wireless Internet at the library?
A: Most users can simply bring their wireless-enabled laptop computer or other wireless device to the Library and turn it on. The computer will automatically recognize  one or both of the library’s wireless networks (HPL-Public and/or HPL-Public2). You must enter the password haddonfield. If your laptop does not have wireless built-in, you can install a WiFi-compatible network card.

Q: Will I need any special settings or passwords?
A: There is a password required.  It is haddonfield . In many instances, your computer or PDA will
automatically detect one or both of the  the library’s wireless networks (HPL-Public and/or HPL-Public2). If your computer or PDA does not connect right away, make sure that your wireless utility is configured as follows:

  • SSID or Network Name:   HPL-Public or HPL-Public2
  • WEP:   None
  • IP or Network Settings:   DHCP enabled or obtain an IP address automatically
  • DNS:    Obtain DNS address automatically
  • Gateway:     No default gateway set – your card should detect it automatically.
  • Enter the password haddonfield

Q: What can I do on the wireless network?
A: Our wireless network offers you a high speed connection to the Internet that lets you:

  • Check your e-mail
  • Surf the Internet
  • Do online research
  • Check the library catalog or the library’s mobile web site
  • Access the library’s databases
  • Printing is not currently available from the wireless network.  To print you can either save your document and print when you get home, or save your document to a flash drive and use one of the other computers available to you in the library.

Q: Is the wireless network secure?   Is it 100% safe for me to send personal information?
A: No, but wireless networks are not unique in this respect; on all shared networks, whether wired or wireless, users can potentially eavesdrop on each other’s data, though it is not usually likely that they will.

Q: Can the Library help me configure my computer?
A: Each computer is unique, and we’re sorry that we are not able to offer personal technical assistance with your configuration. However, we do provide a webpage of technical assistance to help you with the most common issues. The technical assistance webpage is available at: www.sjrlc.org/wireless/tech.htm

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