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Meeting Room 2

The Haddonfield Public Library is a community resource providing access to information and facilities where ideas are exchanged. As part of the library’s public service mission, the Library makes its meeting room available to groups and individuals. The use of the meeting room is subject to the Library’s Code of Conduct and other policies, rules and regulations of the Haddonfield Public Library.

General Information: The meeting room of the Haddonfield Public Library is located on the lower level of the Library, adjacent to the Children’s Department. When the meeting room is configured for a speaker’s presentation with audience chairs, it can comfortably hold about thirty-five people.  The meeting room is available for booking only up to the posted or legal occupancy limitation for the room as determined by the location’s prevailing ordinance and existing safety codes and rules of the library.  The Haddonfield Fire Code allows no more than (     ) persons in the meeting room. All meetings held in the meeting room are open to the public.

No person or group will be denied use of the meeting rooms based on race, sex, religion, political affiliation, age, creed, color, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, or disability.

Library Use: The main purpose of the meeting room is for programs, activities and services sponsored by or relating to the Haddonfield Public Library. First priority for meeting room use is always given to the Haddonfield Public Library events.

Use by Other Organizations: When not in use by the Library, the meeting room may be used by official government agencies or boards or by any not-for-profit, non-commercial group or organizations for educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable purposes.

The library shall not attempt to judge the objectives of any group or program not sponsored by  the library and opens its doors to groups requesting use of the meeting room provided that the purposes in using the library facilities are educational, cultural or civic in nature and do not interfere with the orderly conduct of the library. In the event of a conflict in scheduling, the following priorities shall apply: (1.) library sponsored programs; (2.) educational programs; (3) cultural programs; (4.) civic programs. In the event of a conflict, preference will be given to groups that are based in Haddonfield over groups that are based outside of Haddonfield.

The library cannot and does not endorse or affirm the philosophy, political, religious or other ideology of any group or organization utilizing the meeting room. As such, the library excludes the use of its facilities for political rallies, religious services, or other activities as directed by the Library Director and / or the Library Board of Trustees.

Times Available: The meeting room normally will be available for use only during those hours when the Library is open.

Fees: No fees charged to non-profit groups. [this is not included in Susan’s draft from 12/15 but is how Woodbridge PL shows their charges: Profit-making organizations are subject to the following fees per:

Main Library meeting room       $X for first (2) hours, $50 every hour thereafter

Refreshments: A once-per-year fee of $X permits and organization to serve light refreshments. See regulations below.]

Organizational Responsibilities: Each organization shall be responsible for setting up the meeting room to meet its own needs, and for returning the meeting room to its original condition at the conclusion of the meeting.

Disclaimer: The Haddonfield Public Library does not endorse the viewpoints or activities of program presenters or vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of the information they present.  The library is not responsible for loss or damage of equipment, supplies, and materials or for any personal property owned by those sponsoring or attending meetings at the library. In addition, the Haddonfield Public Library Board of Trustees, the Borough of Haddonfield, its officers, agents and employees are not to be held liable for any and all claims of injuries, including death, damages or loss, which may arise in connection with a meeting held on library property.

Regulations for Use of the Meeting Room

  1. A Haddonfield resident with an up-to-date library card in good standing must make a request for the use of the room on the Haddonfield Public Library Meeting Room Application form. The card holder must be at least 18 years of age. The resident-applicant reserving the room will be held as the accountable representative for the group and shall be responsible for preservation of order at all times.
  2. Meeting room use requires a reservation, which should be made at least 10 days before the event. The person making the reservation must complete and return the Haddonfield Public Library Meeting Room Application form to the Library Director’s office ten days before the event.
  3. All meeting room use requires an adult, age 18 or older, to be present at all times during room usage.
  4. Children age 8 and under must be accompanied by or under the supervision of a responsible person at least 13 years old or the Library staff member conducting a program.
  5. Teen-age or children’s groups may use the room provided an adult makes arrangements to use the room. The adult reserving the room must be present to supervise the meeting at all times. One adult per each 15 young people must be present to supervise the meeting at all times.
  6. Those using the meeting room must abide by the Haddonfield Public Library Code of Conduct and applicable Library policies, rules and regulations. Unlawful activity is not permitted in this room.
  7. Organizations do not have to permit non-members to speak, interrupt, or disrupt their programs and presentations.
  8. Requests for permission to display exhibits or literature must be made to the Library Director or designee in advance. Information literature may be distributed if it does not promote commercial enterprises or violate applicable laws or Library policy. The organization or publisher is solely responsible for content.
  9. Meeting rooms must be completely vacated 15 minutes prior to closing time or upon instruction of Library staff or alarm from any safety system in the Library.
  10. The Library Director is authorized to set reasonable limits on frequency and duration of use. Generally no group or individuals may use the meeting room more than once a month. Because there is only one meeting room and the number of groups requesting meeting space, the Library cannot guarantee the availability of rooms for regular monthly meeting.
  11. The meeting room can be scheduled no more than six months in advance.
  12. Notification of cancellation is expected at least 2 business days in advance of the scheduled reservation. The representative who reserved the room should notify the library director’s office of cancellation by calling 856-429-1304, ext. 7 or by emailing ezino@haddonfieldlibrary.org  The reservation may be cancelled and the room may be given to another group if no one from the reserving party appears within 15 minutes after the start time.  More than two “No Shows” in a year may result in the loss of privileges.
  13. Refreshments may be served in the meeting room. Refreshments served in the meeting room must be simple, such as coffee and cookies. No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are allowed. Cooking in the meeting room or library facility is not permitted. Organizations wishing to serve refreshments must pay a $25 fee to the library, one time annually, as a contribution to the maintenance of the meeting room. See Haddonfield Public Library Meeting Room Application
  14. Groups or individuals using the meeting must supply their own coffee, tea, sugar, cream, cups, napkins, plates, and flatware.
  15. The Library will provide, at no charge, tables, chairs and some equipment but will not provide special room set-up. Requests for equipment may be made when a room is reserved. The Library makes no guarantees on the ability to provide any equipment or respond to any change requests.
  16. The person reserving the room is responsible for running the equipment. If a group uses its own equipment the library’s network and / or audiovisual systems may not be compromised or unduly burdened. The supervisor on duty must be consulted before outside equipment is used. Library staff will give basic instruction on use of library equipment. Staff will help as they are available.
  17. Groups are subject to copyright law in the use of film, video, music and other media.
  18. All room users are expected to leave the room clean, undamaged and in the same condition as originally found. The individual reserving the room may be held liable for any damages or loss of any equipment or library property. The supervisor on duty will inspect the meeting room at the end of the meeting and report any damage to the representative for the group and to the Library Director or designee.
  19. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items, equipment, supplies, materials or any personal property owned by those sponsoring or attending meetings at the library.
  20. Equipment belonging to a group or individual is the sole responsibility of the group or individual. Private property may not be stored in the room or Library between uses of a room.
  21. All publicity must carry the name of the organization or individual sponsoring the event. The Library may not be identified as a sponsor. The library may only be mentioned as an address of an event in conjunction with a clear statement of the actual group or individual sponsoring the event and clearly indicating the sponsor’s name as the sponsor. The library’s name or address may not be used as the office address, headquarters or point of correspondence of any group or individual.
  22. Posting at the library of bulletins, schedules, posters and announcements concerning any scheduled meetings or room usage shall be limited to the library’s public bulletin board and requires prior approval of the library’s circulation manager or authorized designee.
  23. The library does not provide promotional assistance, materials or services for any programs not sponsored by the library or by the Haddonfield Friends of the Library. This includes but is not limited to photocopying of program materials, creations of posters or other materials, electronic postings on social media sites, etc. This also includes posting on the library’s website or online calendar or inclusion in any library promotional materials.
  24. Library employees are not permitted to perform tasks or run errands for room users. No tipping of Library staff is permitted.
  25. The Library reserves the right to hold accountable any person or persons who the Library deems has misused Library facilities or violated the Library Code of Conduct, Library meeting room rules and regulations, governing laws, or any other library policies in connection with use of a room.
  26. Failure to follow the meeting room regulations may result in loss of privileges.
  27. The Library Director or designated representative is authorized to revoke or restrict Library privileges of any individual or group who fails to comply with these rules. An appeal of this decision can be made to the Library’s Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting.
  28. Notwithstanding a valid booking, the library retains the right to cancel a booking for unexpected or extraordinary library purposes.
  29. The library will make a reasonable effort to notify the organization or individual schedule to use the meeting room during adverse weather or an emergency, such as electrical outage. Groups are advised to check with the library via telephone or online for closing information.


  1. Meeting rooms are not to be used for the sale of goods or services or recruitment of or marketing to prospective commercial clients.
  2. No admission may be charged. No solicitation or collection from the public may be made for profit or charity.
  3. No fees or charges may be made for any product or service in connection with any use of a meeting room, unless it is a Library Program or event or Friends of the Library program or event that will benefit the library.
  4. Wagering, gambling, or games of chance are not permitted.
  5. The use of open flames or candles in the meeting room is prohibited.
  6. Parties, showers, memorial services, weddings, or receptions cannot be held in the library or its meeting rooms.
  7. Groups may not use the library’s name, address, or telephone number in such a way as to imply library sponsorship.
  8. No use of a meeting room may be broadcast or televised without the advance permission of the Library Director or designee.
  9. Scotch tape, tacks, or nails are not to be placed on doors, walls, or furniture in the room.
  10. Persons attending meetings must not attempt to change thermostat settings. Any heat/air conditioning problems should be referred immediately to the supervisor on duty.

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