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Internet Use Policy

The Library provides workstations with free access to the Internet as part of its mission to meet the informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs of the community. The Internet is an important resource to promote literacy, lifelong learning, personal fulfillment, and the principles of intellectual freedom. All resources are provided equally to each user. Preference will be given to registered Haddonfield Library cardholders in good standing.

Providing instruction in how to use and evaluate informational resources is part of the library’s role. The library staff is available to help identify appropriate resources and to provide assistance in their use. Staff will devote a reasonable amount of time assisting individual library users with computers when needed.

The Internet is a fundamental tool with vast access to information. It also is an unregulated medium that changes constantly. The Library does not endorse the viewpoints or vouch for the accuracy or authenticity or information accessed via the Internet. Each user must determine what information is appropriate for them. No person shall use a library Internet workstation in a way that is inappropriate for an open public area shared by people of all ages and backgrounds or that disturbs or interferes with customers, employees or operations of the library.

The Library’s Internet workstations are in public view, including in public view to children. Accordingly, the Library uses limited filtering, which restricts access to sexually explicit images and which will give the broadest possible access to constitutionally protected speech and information. Users should be aware, however, that all currently available filtering software is not guaranteed to be 100% effective; some degree of “underblocking” (not restricting access to sexually explicit content) and “overblocking” (denying access to certain constitutionally protected material) will occur. In order to address the issue of overblocking, any user who is age 17 or older may request unfiltered Internet access to information.

Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s use of the Internet and discuss their expectations for their children’s use of this information tool. Parents — and only parents — have the right and the responsibility to restrict the access of their children — and only their children — to library resources.

While affirming the customer’s rights to confidentiality and privacy, persons are advised that because security is technically difficult to achieve, electronic communications and files could become public.

Use of the Library’s workstations for the transmission, dissemination and/or duplication of information is regulated under various state and federal laws. The Library expects all customers to comply with such laws and regulations. Customers must also comply with all laws governing the use of copyrighted materials.

The Library staff has developed policies and procedures, rules and limits for use of Internet and public computer workstations. This includes procedures for automated time management and print control functions of the 1st floor computers. (See Rules for the Use of the Haddonfield Public Library Public Computers.) Customers must agree to follow the library’s Internet Use policy and Rules for Use of the PCs in order to use the library’s public computers.

The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time.

The library reserves the right to block access to chat, instant messaging, email, games, social networking tools, and other forms of personal communication and entertainment, as well as specific sites, which may impair network performance or security. The library also reserves the right to limit or terminate use of the Internet for commercial activity, including the sale of goods or services for personal profit.
This policy will be reviewed periodically.

November 17, 1998
revision – May 16, 2006
Rev. 6/1/07 Rev. 11/09

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