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Beverages/Coffee Service

The HPL serves coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in selected areas of the library. We hope that you will enjoy this service. We do ask that you keep a lid on your beverage while drinking it, to avoid spills. You may take your beverages to most areas of the building. The areas that are off limits are the NJ Rare Books Room, due to rare books in that area. You may not have beverages around or on the computer tables or while using library equipment, such as the microfiche reader or the copy machine. Please do not drink or have beverages on the tables while you are using the public computers,  reservation station or other equipment.

If you have drinking water, please keep the cap on the bottle when you are not drinking. The library has a water fountain on the first floor near the circulation desk.

Please keep the coffee area clean – dispose of your accoutrements in the waste basket. Our staff is happy to help you to use the machine, to give you change, and to answer any questions that you might have.

If you should have a spill, please let our staff know so that we can clean it up promptly to avoid stains.

Thank you for your cooperation. We also thank our Friends of the Haddonfield Library for paying to lease the machine and for so many other improvements that are continually made to the library.

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