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Author Visits & Other Programs

The library and Haddonfield Friends of the Library host authors and other presenters as part of adult cultural programming at the library. Haddonfield is the home of many authors, who generously give of their time and talent to support these efforts. For more information on planned author visits, visit the library calendar and programming sections. To suggest a program, send an email to contact@haddonfieldlibrary.org

Programs Coming Soon at the library: (free- call 856-429-1304, ext. 114 to register):  

The adult and family program series for 2014 as planned to date:   Author programs will resume in September.  Have a great summer!

On January 15, 2014, Eagle Scout Chris Ehrhardt  gave a program that he developed as part of the Haddonfield Tricentennial : an Oral History with Haddonfield’s Finest Citizens. The Haddonfield Library sponsored Chris in this community project. Chris interviewed ten prominent Haddonfield citizens to commemorate different aspects of life in Haddonfield now – for future generations of Haddonfield residents. Chris videotaped the interviews, which are available on YouTube under Chris Ehrhardt and on DVD for check out as part of the library’s collection. Chris has been awarded his Eagle Scout status for doing this project. Congratulations to Chris Ehrhardt!     This program was co-sponsored by the Haddonfield Friends of the Library.

On February 19 at 7 pm, Christie Castorino, Haddonfield’s 14 year old author of Heroines of Haddonfield,  kicked-off Women’s History Month a little early.  Heroines of Haddonfield is a delightful book celebrating notable contributions women from Haddonfield have made to the town, country, and world. Beginning with the founding of Haddonfield in 1713 by Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh, young readers are able to follow 13 other notable women from the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries while learning amazing facts about Haddonfield. Some of the women featured are: Dorcas Bates Reilly, inventor of the Green Bean Casserole; Rosie Hymerling, educator; Erin Donohue, Olympian; and Tish Colombi, the first woman mayor of Haddonfield.  Authographed copies of the book are on sale at the first floor circulation desk for $15.99 each.

On Sept. 17 at 7 pm, Martin Novelli will give a program on “World War 1: the War to End all Wars” as 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the great war. Mr. Novelli is a prominent film historian.

  October 24 was Snapshot Day – a celebration of libraries and the people using them! Click here to see photos of Haddonfielders using the library! 

Comments made by Haddonfielders using the library on Oct. 24, 2012 – Snapshot Day!

  1.    We stopped in to return Barney’s Version and Rosie had to come down to say hello to Miss Ginger and Mrs. Peppard.The Haddonfield Library is a great place to hang out and learn.
  2. The ladies who do storytime for the kids are great. They are all helpful. The kids’ programs are good! The books at the Haddonfield Public Library are in good shape. They have so many new books.
  3. The library is one of the key places in the community. It is one of the few open places in the community. A place where all ages can be together.
  4. I love the coziness of the Haddonfield Library.
  5. I love the library! There are always great, recent books and DVDs to check out. I recently joined the library book club with other avid readers.
  6. I love this library! The librarians are knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. Haddonfield Public Library is one of the best in the US!
  7. A library is a shopping mall for the brain. A library will take you places you never heard of and, possibly, suggest other ways of looking at life. Reach for a book you may not have heard of – what an adventure!
  8. I use the library to tutor area students four out of seven days of the week. It is nice to have a quiet and safe space to do so.
  9. We love our local library – every town we have lived in the library is always one of our first finds! They all offer that same safe feeling.
  10. Haddonfield Public Library is one of my favorite spots in town – friendly staff and good resources. The programs are excellent!
  11. I love the honor paperback system. I love the coffee that is available. I love books on CD and books, CDs, and other stuff for sale.
  12. I use the library for homework and research, also to get current books, movies and music/ books CDs.
  13. My library is indispensible.
  14. A good library is a good measure of a town’s vibrancy!
  15. I attended a Nook Information Workshop today. It was a very valuable experience. The representatives from Barnes and Noble were informative and willing to demonstrate any procedure I asked about.
  16. I frequently attend adult cultural programs at the library, such as author book signings. This is a great service for our community.
  17. I couldn’t live without the library!
  18. I love my library!
  19. My kids and I love the children’s department. We come and enjoy the books, movies, computers, and the fish! I like the newest Blu-Ray DVDs featured!
  20. I love coming here with the kids – they find it to be magical every time!
  21. The library is a great place to expand my horizon, visit places I’ve never seen and meet people who I admire.
  22. The library is a nice place to visit.
  23. We love the children’s section for the great selection of books, series, audio books, and DVDs. We love the adult section for the honor paperbacks, DVDs, books and Interlibrary Loan option. I have also attended two adult programs on the Peace Corps and Women and Islam and I want to attend more!
  24. The library staff is excellent!
  25. I use the computers all the time. The library’s DVD selection is very good. Please get USA Today again.
  26. I always find something good and leave with fiction, non-fiction. The librarians are very helpful.
  27. I love being able to get eBooks with my library card. I appreciate being able to attend fine cultural programs as an adult. Our teen enjoys the teen programs and collections. The children’s dept. is also a great resource. The library staff gives excellent service but Haddonfield needs a far larger library with modern accommodations and flexibility. The collections (books, DVDs, and Books on Tape) are the best in Camden Countyand exceptional for a small town library. The library is the only place in this community that serves all ages and the public space should be expanded and treasured.

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