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New Materials

MARCH, 2016


152.4 BAR Barrett, Lisa Feldman, author. How emotions are made : the secret life of the brain
154.4 KOT Kotler, Steven, 1967- author. Stealing fire : how Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALS, and maverick scientists are revolutionizing the way we live and work
222.1109 FEI Feiler, Bruce S, author. The first love story : Adam, Eve, and us
261.21 CAM Campolo, Anthony, author. Why I left, why I stayed : conversations on Christianity between an evangelical father and his humanist son
342.7302 STO Stone, Geoffrey R, author. Sex and the constitution : sex, religion, and law from America’s origins to the twenty-first century
362.26 POW Powers, Ron, author. No one cares about crazy people : the chaos and heartbreak of mental health in America
364.1523 COR Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, author. Ripper : the secret life of Walter Sickert
364.168 KOL Kolhatkar, Sheelah, author. Black edge : inside information, dirty money, and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on Wall Street
523.24 SUM Summers, Michael E, author. Exoplanets : diamonds worlds, super-Earths, pulsar planets, and the new search for life beyond our solar system
577.6309 EGA Egan, Dan, author. The death and life of the Great Lakes
583.45 SHA Shanahan, Mike, author. Gods, wasps, and stranglers : the secret history and redemptive future of fig trees
613.2 TAR Tara, Sylvia, author. The secret life of fat : the science behind the body’s least understood organ and what it means for you
613.2 WIL William, Anthony. Medical medium life-changing foods : save yourself and the ones you love with the hidden healing powers of fruits and vegetables
616.831 KAP Kapsambelis, Niki, author. The inheritance : a family on the front lines of the battle against Alzheimer’s disease
635.0922 AND Anderton, Stephen, author. Lives of the great gardeners
641.5 WEL Wells, Patricia, author. My master recipes : 165 recipes to inspire confidence in the kitchen : with dozens of variations
641.675 KOR Korbee, Nick, author. Egg Shop : the cookbook
646.782 DUN Dunn, Jancee, author. How not to hate your husband after kids
658.8342 TUR Turow, Joseph, author. The aisles have eyes : how retailers track your shopping, strip your privacy, and define your power
746.432 FAL Falk, Clara, author. Pretty knitted hands : mittens & wrist warmers for all seasons
747 FLE Flea market style : decoration, displaying, collecting
759.13 BUS Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946- author. Portraits of courage : a commander in chief’s tribute to America’s warriors
790.1 JOH Johnson, Steven, 1968- author. Wonderland : how play made the modern world
818.54 DID Didion, Joan, author. South and west : from a notebook
919.804 WAT Watson, Paul, 1959- author. Ice ghosts : the epic hunt for the lost Franklin expedition
947.0841 MER Merridale, Catherine, 1959- author. Lenin on the train
949.47 OSH O’Shea, Stephen, author. The Alps : a human history from Hannibal to Heidi and beyond
972.9123 KUR Kurlansky, Mark, author. Havana : a subtropical delirium
973.31 NEL Nelson, Sophia A, author. E Pluribus One : reclaiming our founders’ vision for a united America

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Biog DICKINSON Dickinson, Amy, author. Strangers tend to tell me things : a memoir of love, loss, and coming home
Biog HARRISON Harrison, Teva, author, illustrator. In-between days : a memoir about living with cancer
Biog HART Hart, James. Lucky Jim
Biog HAYES Hayes, Bill, 1961- author, photographer. Insomniac City : New York, Oliver, and me
Biog ISABELLA Tremlett, Giles, author. Isabella of Castille : Europe’s first great queen
Biog JOHNSON Lemonick, Michael D., 1953- The perpetual now : a story of amnesia, memory, and love
Biog KNIGHT Finkel, Michael, author. The stranger in the woods : the extraordinary story of the last true hermit
Biog LINCOLN Pryor, Elizabeth Brown, author. Six encounters with Lincoln : a president confronts democracy and its demons
Biog MARNELL Marnell, Cat, author. How to murder your life : a memoir
Biog MONROE Winder, Elizabeth, author. Marilyn in Manhattan : her year of joy
Biog NIXON Farrell, John A. (John Aloysius), author. Richard Nixon : the life
Biog PILATE Schiavone, Aldo, author. Pontius Pilate : deciphering a memory
Biog STENGEL Appel, Marty, author. Casey Stengel : baseball’s greatest character
Biog STOKER Skal, David J., author. Something in the blood : the untold story of Bram Stoker, the man who wrote Dracula
Biog SWIFT Stubbs, John, 1977- author. Jonathan Swift : the reluctant rebel

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Fiction ALCOTT Alcott, Kate, author. The Hollywood daughter : a novel
Fiction ATTENBERG Attenberg, Jami, author. All grown up
Fiction BAKER Baker, Mishell, author. Phantom pains
Fiction BATUMAN Batuman, Elif, 1977- author. The idiot
Fiction BELL Bell, Darcey, author. A simple favor : a novel
Fiction BOWEN Bowen, Rhys, author. In Farleigh Field : a novel
Fiction BREWER Brewer, Killian B. Lunch with the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette
Fiction BROWN Brown, Taylor, 1982- author. The river of kings : a novel
Fiction BUCHANAN Buchanan, Rowan Hisayo, author. Harmless like you
Fiction BUTLER Butler, Nickolas, author. The hearts of men : a novel
Fiction CHANG Chang, Janie, author. Dragon Springs Road
Fiction COULTER Coulter, Catherine, author. The devil’s triangle
Fiction CUSSLER Cussler, Clive, author. The cutthroat
Fiction DALY Daly, Paula, author. The trophy child
Fiction DARNIELLE Darnielle, John, author. Universal harvester
Fiction DONOHUE Donohue, Meg, author. Every wild heart : a novel
Fiction DOWNING Downing, David, 1946- author. Lenin’s roller coaster
Fiction DUNANT Dunant, Sarah, author. In the name of the family : a novel
Fiction DUNN Dunn, Sarah, 1969- author. The arrangement : a novel
Fiction FULLER Fuller, Claire, author. Swimming lessons
Fiction GEORGE George, Margaret, 1943- author. The confessions of young Nero
Fiction GOODMAN Goodman, Carol, author. The widow’s house
Fiction GREANEY Greaney, Mark, author. Back blast
Fiction HAMID Hamid, Mohsin, 1971- author. Exit west : a novel
Fiction HELLER Heller, Peter, 1959- author. Celine : a novel
Fiction HEPINSTALL Hepinstall, Kathy, author. The book of Polly
Fiction HIME Hime, James. Three thousand bridges
Fiction HOWREY Howrey, Meg, author. The wanderers
Fiction HUNTER Hunter, Georgia, 1978- author. We were the lucky ones
Fiction ILES Iles, Greg, author. Mississippi blood : a novel
Fiction KADREY Kadrey, Richard, author. The wrong dead guy
Fiction LAFARGE LaFarge, Paul, author. The night ocean
Fiction LAUKKANEN Laukkanen, Owen, author. The forgotten girls
Fiction LODATO Lodato, Victor, author. Edgar and Lucy : a novel
Fiction MACALLISTER Macallister, Greer, author. Girl in disguise
Fiction MACKINTOSH Mackintosh, Clare, author. I see you
Fiction MACOMBER Macomber, Debbie, author. If not for you : a novel
Fiction MAGARIEL Magariel, Daniel, author. One of the boys : a novel
Fiction MASTERMAN Masterman, Becky. A twist of the knife : a novel
Fiction MEHTA Mehta, Rahul, author. No other world : a novel
Fiction MORETTI Moretti, Kate, author. The vanishing year : a novel
Fiction OAKLEY Oakley, Colleen, author. Close enough to touch
Fiction OLOUGHLIN O’Loughlin, Ed, author. Minds of winter
Fiction PARKS Parks, Brad, 1974- author. Say nothing : a novel
Fiction PATTERSON Patterson, James, 1947- author. The black book
Fiction PERABO Perabo, Susan, 1969- author. The fall of Lisa Bellow : a novel
Fiction PERSSON GIOLITO Persson Giolito, Malin, 1969- author. Quicksand
Fiction PYNE Pyne, Daniel, author. Catalina eddy : a novel in three decades
Fiction QUIRK Quirk, Matthew, author. Dead man switch
Fiction SCHLINK Schlink, Bernhard, author. The woman on the stairs
Fiction SEDGWICK Sedgwick, Marcus, author. Mister Memory : a novel
Fiction SEE See, Lisa, author. The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane : a novel
Fiction SHATTUCK Shattuck, Jessica, author. The women in the castle
Fiction STEVENS Stevens, Chevy, author. Never let you go
Fiction TINTI Tinti, Hannah, author. The twelve lives of Samuel Hawley : a novel

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Mystery BOX Box, C. J, author. Vicious circle
Mystery CLARE Clare, Alys, author. A rustle of silk : a Gabriel Taverner mystery
Mystery COOPER Cooper, Susan Rogers, author. Best served cold
Mystery DELANY Delany, Vicki, 1951- author. Elementary, she read
Mystery JANCE Jance, Judith A, author. Man overboard
Mystery KAY Kay, Edward. At rope’s end : a Dr. James Verraday mystery
Mystery KELLERMAN Kellerman, Faye, author. Bone box
Mystery KENT Kent, Christobel, author. The loving husband
Mystery KERR Kerr, Lucy, author. Time of death : a Stillwater General mystery
Mystery MCKINTY McKinty, Adrian, author. Police at the station and they don’t look friendly : a Detective Sean Duffy novel
Mystery OBREGON Obregón, Nicholás, author. Blue light Yokohama
Mystery PATTISON Pattison, Eliot, author. Skeleton God
Mystery PERRY Perry, Anne, author. Murder on the Serpentine
Mystery PRONZINI Pronzini, Bill, author. The violated
Mystery WINSPEAR Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955- author. In this grave hour : a novel
Mystery YOKOYAMA Yokoyama, Hideo, 1957- author. Six four

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Sci-Fi KALFAR Kalfar, Jaroslav, author. Spaceman of Bohemia
Sci-Fi ROBINSON Robinson, Kim Stanley, author. New York 2140
Sci-Fi SCALZI Scalzi, John, 1969- author. The collapsing empire
Sci-Fi WENDIG Wendig, Chuck, author. Star wars, aftermath. Empire’s end

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LP Fiction ARDEN Arden, Katherine, author. The bear and the nightingale
LP Fiction JENOFF Jenoff, Pam, author. The orphan’s tale
LP Fiction KLINE Kline, Christina Baker, 1964- A piece of the world
LP Fiction SAUNDERS Saunders, George, 1958- author. Lincoln in the bardo : a novel
LP Mystery FLUKE Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author. Banana cream pie murder
LP Mystery MAY May, Peter, 1951- author. Coffin road
LP Mystery NEGGERS Neggers, Carla, author. Red Clover Inn
LP 303.483 FRI Friedman, Thomas L., author. Thank you for being late : an optimist’s guide to thriving in the age of accelerations
LP 972.85 PRE Preston, Douglas J, author. The lost city of the Monkey God : a true story

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Audio Biog EISENHOWER Baier, Bret, author, narrator. Three days in January : Dwight Eisenhower’s final mission
Audio Biog FISHER Fisher, Carrie, author, narrator. The princess diarist
Audio Fiction ALCOTT Alcott, Kate, author. The Hollywood daughter : a novel
Audio Fiction BACKMAN Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author. Britt-Marie was here : a novel
Audio Fiction BOWEN Bowen, Rhys, author. In Farleigh Field : [a novel]
Audio Fiction CUMMING Cumming, Charles, 1971- author. A divided spy : a novel
Audio Fiction ILES Iles, Greg, author. Mississippi blood : a novel
Audio Fiction JENOFF Jenoff, Pam. The orphan’s tale
Audio Fiction KINSELLA Kinsella, Sophie, author. My not so perfect life : a novel
Audio Fiction KNOTT Knott, Robert, 1954- author. Robert B. Parker’s Revelation
Audio Fiction PERRY Perry, Thomas, 1947- author. The old man
Audio Fiction SAUNDERS Saunders, George, 1958- author, narrator. Lincoln in the bardo : a novel
Audio Fiction SEE See, Lisa. The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane : a novel
Audio Mystery HARPER Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth). The dry
Audio 239.13 GAI Gaiman, Neil, author. Norse mythology [sound recording]
Audio 364.1523 COR Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, author. Ripper : the secret life of Walter Sickert
Audio 510.9252 LEE Lee Shetterly, Margot. Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race
Audio 658.1141 STO Stone, Brad, author. The upstarts : how Uber, Airbnb, and the killer companies of the new Silicon Valley are changing the world
Audio 818.54 DID Didion, Joan. South and West : from a notebook
Audio 909.83 HAR Harari, Yuval N, author. Homo deus : a brief history of tomorrow
Audio 972.85 PRE Preston, Douglas J, author. The Lost City of the Monkey God : a true story

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DVD Action OPERAT Operation Chromite
DVD Biog JACKIE Jackie
DVD Biog LOVING Loving
DVD Biog TALEOF A tale of love and darkness
DVD Comedy EDGEOF The edge of seventeen
DVD Comedy HANGOV The hangover
DVD Comedy SILVER Silver skies
DVD Comedy TWENTI 20th century women
DVD Comedy WHYHIM Why him?
DVD Drama COLLAT Collateral beauty
DVD Drama FENCES Fences
DVD Drama MOONLI Moonlight
DVD Drama PATRIO Patriots day
DVD Drama PRICEL Priceless
DVD Drama SILENC Silence
DVD Foreign ELLE Elle
DVD Foreign MOUNTA Mountains may depart = Shan he gu ren
DVD Sci-Fi PASSEN Passengers
DVD Suspense MISSSL Miss Sloane

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DVD TV AMERICANS 4 The Americans. The complete fourth season
DVD TV BASKETS Baskets. The complete season one
DVD TV BROKENWOOD 3 The Brokenwood mysteries. Series 3
DVD TV HOME Home fires. Season two
DVD TV JACK 3 Jack Taylor. Set 3
DVD TV UNBREAKABLE 2 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Season two

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Baier, Bret; Whitney, Catherine. Three Days in January Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission
Cumming, Charles. A Divided Spy A Novel
Darnielle, John. Universal Harvester A Novel
Feek, Rory. This Life I Live One Man’s Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever
Fridlund, Emily. History of Wolves A Novel
Gaiman, Neil. Norse Mythology
Greaney, Mark. Gunmetal Gray
Harari, Yuval Noah. Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow
Heyns, Michiel. The Typewriter’s Tale A Novel
Jaeger, Meredith. The Dressmaker’s Dowry A Novel
Jenoff, Pam. The Orphan’s Tale A Novel
Khan, Ausma Zehanat. Among the Ruins A Mystery
Kinsella, Sophie. My Not So Perfect Life A Novel
Kitamura, Katie. A Separation A Novel
Kline, Christina Baker. A Piece of the World A Novel
Lee, Min Jin. Pachinko
Lescroart, John. Fatal A Novel
Lescroart, John. Fatal A Novel
Lipman, Elinor. On Turpentine Lane
Mackintosh, Clare. I See You
Mallery, Susan. A Million Little Things A Novel
Merkin, Daphne. This Close to Happy A Reckoning with Depression
Miller, Emily Jeanne. The News from the End of the World
Nguyen, Viet Thanh. The Refugees
Pennell, Julie. The Young Wives Club A Novel
Rosenstiel, Tom. Shining City A Novel
Saunders, George. Lincoln in the Bardo A Novel
Schutt, Bill. Cannibalism A Perfectly Natural History
Umansky, Ellen. The Fortunate Ones A Novel

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OverDrive Audio Asher, Jay, 1975- Thirteen reasons why
OverDrive Audio Delaney, J P, author. The girl before : a novel
OverDrive Audio Fisher, Carrie, author, narrator. The Princess diarist
OverDrive Audio Gaiman, Neil, author, narrator. Norse mythology
OverDrive Audio Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Heartbreak Hotel
OverDrive Audio L’Engle, Madeleine. A wrinkle in time
OverDrive Audio Patterson, James, 1947- author. Cross the line
OverDrive Audio Saunders, George, 1958- author, narrator. Lincoln in the bardo : a novel
OverDrive E-book Andersen, Sarah (Sarah C.), author, artist. Big mushy happy lump a “Sarah’s Scribbles” collection
OverDrive E-book Barnhill, Kelly Regan, author. The girl who drank the moon
OverDrive E-book Berenson, Laurien. A pedigree to die for : a Melanie Travis mystery
OverDrive E-book Delaney, J P, author. The girl before : a novel
OverDrive E-book Fisher, Carrie author. The princess diarist
OverDrive E-book Gaiman, Neil, author. Norse mythology
OverDrive E-book Gardner, Lisa. Right behind you : a novel
OverDrive E-book Hart, Hannah, 1986- author. Buffering : unshared tales of a life fully loaded
OverDrive E-book Kellerman, Jonathan. Heartbreak Hotel.
OverDrive E-book Kline, Christina Baker, author. A piece of the world : a novel
OverDrive E-book Levy, Debbie, author. I dissent : Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes her mark
OverDrive E-book Pilkey, Dav, 1966- The adventures of Captain Underpants : an epic novel
OverDrive E-book Quick, Matthew, 1973- author. Love may fail
OverDrive E-book Robb, J. D., 1950- Devoted in death
OverDrive E-book Robb, J. D., 1950- Festive in death
OverDrive E-book Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Apprentice in death
OverDrive E-book Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Brotherhood in death
OverDrive E-book Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Concealed in death
OverDrive E-book Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Echoes in death
OverDrive E-book Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Obsession in death
OverDrive E-book Roth, Veronica, author. Carve the mark
OverDrive E-book Rowling, J. K., author. The Hogwarts collection. Volumes 1-3
OverDrive E-book Saunders, George, 1958- author. Lincoln in the bardo : a novel
OverDrive E-book Tremblay, Paul, author. Disappearance at Devil’s Rock : a novel
OverDrive E-book Ware, Ruth. In a dark, dark wood
OverDrive E-book Woods, Stuart, author. Below the belt
OverDrive E-book Yong, Ed, author. I contain multitudes : the microbes within us and a grander view of life

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YA Biog PAUL Kops, Deborah, author. Alice Paul and the fight for women’s rights : from the vote to the equal rights amendment
YA Fiction CHUPECO Chupeco, Rin, author. The bone witch
YA Fiction COHEN-SCALI Cohen-Scali, Sarah, 1958- author. Max
YA Fiction FRIEND Friend, Natasha, 1972- author. The other F-word
YA Fiction GAGNON Gagnon, Jilly, author. #Famous
YA Fiction GARDNER Gardner, Whitney, author. You’re welcome, universe
YA Fiction GRANT Grant, Michael, 1954- author. Front lines
YA Fiction HAMILTON Hamilton, Alwyn, author. Traitor to the throne
YA Fiction HUTCHINSON Hutchinson, Shaun David, author. At the edge of the universe
YA Fiction JACKSON Jackson, Tiffany D., author. Allegedly : a novel
YA Fiction LACOUR LaCour, Nina. We are okay : a novel
YA Fiction LAURENCE Laurence, Matthew, 1982- author. Freya
YA Fiction LEVENSELLER Levenseller, Tricia, author. Daughter of the pirate king
YA Fiction MARQUARDT Marquardt, Marie F., 1972- author. The radius of us
YA Fiction MEYER Meyer, Marissa, author. Winter
YA Fiction NIX Nix, Garth, author. Frogkisser!
YA Fiction ORLANDO Orlando, Kristen, author. You don’t know my name
YA Fiction POWELL Powell, Patricia Hruby, 1951- author. Loving vs. Virginia : a documentary novel of the landmark civil rights case
YA Fiction REICHS Reichs, Brendan, author. Nemesis
YA Fiction SAENZ Sáenz, Benjamin Alire, author. The inexplicable logic of my life : a novel
YA Fiction SAVAGE Savage, Kim, 1969- author. Beautiful broken girls
YA Fiction TAYLOR Taylor, Laini, author. Strange the dreamer
YA Fiction THOMAS Thomas, Angie, author. The hate u give
YA Fiction VALENTINE Valentine, Jenny, author. Fire color one
YA Fiction ZOBOI Zoboi, Ibi Aanu, author. American Street
YA GRAPHIC BROWN Brown, Box, author, illustrator. Tetris : the games people play
YA 005.1 GON Gonzales, Andrea, author. Girl code : gaming, going viral, and getting it done
YA 371.822 STO Stone, Tanya Lee, author. Girl rising : changing the world one girl at a time
YA 918.1104 SEI Seiple, Samantha, author. Death on the river of doubt : Theodore Roosevelt’s Amazon adventure

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Picture Book AGEE Agee, Jon, author, illustrator. Life on Mars
Picture Book ASHER Asher, Sandy. Chicken story time
Picture Book BALSLEY Balsley, Tilda. ABC Passover hunt
Picture Book BARNETT Barnett, Mac, author. Noisy night
Picture Book BARNETT Barnett, Mac, author. Triangle
Picture Book BERGER Berger, Carin, author, illustrator. Good night! Good night!
Picture Book BRILL Brill, Calista, author. Tugboat Bill and the river rescue
Picture Book BUNTING Bunting, Eve, 1928- author. Mr. Goat’s valentine
Picture Book CALI Calì, Davide, 1972- author. When an elephant falls in love
Picture Book FARDELL Fardell, John, 1967- The day Louis got eaten
Picture Book FREEDMAN Freedman, Deborah This house, once
Picture Book GARZA Garza, Cynthia Leonor. Lucia the luchadora
Picture Book GRAVETT Gravett, Emily, author. Tidy
Picture Book HUGHES Hughes, Laura We’re going on an egg hunt
Picture Book JACKSON Jackson, Richard, 1935- author. In plain sight
Picture Book JOCELYN Jocelyn, Marthe, author, illustrator. Sam sorts : (one hundred favorite things)
Picture Book KIMURA Kimura, Ken, 1949- 999 tadpoles
Picture Book KRAEGEL Kraegel, Kenneth, author, illustrator. Green pants
Picture Book LEONARD Leonard, Thomas, 1955- Becoming Bach
Picture Book LITWIN Litwin, Eric. Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons
Picture Book LOOK Look and Find Disney Pixar Adventures
Picture Book LOOK Look and find Piglet
Picture Book MANNING Manning, Craig (Author). The great Easter race!
Picture Book MARTIN Martin, Marc, author, illustrator. A river
Picture Book MATHESON Matheson, Christie, author, illustrator. Plant the tiny seed
Picture Book NA Na, Il Sung, author, illustrator. Bird, balloon, Bear
Picture Book OLIVER Oliver, Lin, author. Steppin’ out : jaunty rhymes for playful times
Picture Book PAQUETTE Paquette, Ammi-Joan, author. Bunny Bus
Picture Book PEPPA Peppa Pig and the backyard circus.
Picture Book PEPPA Peppa Pig and the Easter rainbow.
Picture Book ROOT Root, Phyllis, author. Anywhere farm
Picture Book RYLANT Rylant, Cynthia, author. We love you, Rosie!
Picture Book SANDALL Sandall, Ellie, author, illustrator. Everybunny dance!
Picture Book SIDMAN Sidman, Joyce, author. Before morning
Picture Book SIMA Sima, Jessie, author, illustrator. Not quite narwhal
Picture Book WANG Wang, Andrea, author. The Nian monster
Picture Book WEATHERFORD Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956- author. Freedom in Congo Square
Picture Book WELLS Wells, Rosemary, author. Say hello, Sophie!
Picture Book WILLEMS Willems, Mo. Naked mole rat gets dressed
Picture Book WING Wing, Natasha, author. When Jackie saved Grand Central : the true story of Jacqueline Kennedy’s fight for an American icon
YP Fiction BARKLEY Barkley, Callie, author. Marion and the secret letter
YP Fiction BLACKWOOD Blackwood, Sage, author. Miss Ellicott’s school for the magically minded
YP Fiction BOSCH Bosch, Pseudonymous, author. Bad news
YP Fiction BOWE Bowe, Julie, 1962- author. Big & little questions (according to Wren Jo Byrd)
YP Fiction BRALLIER Brallier, Max, author. The wiener strikes back
YP Fiction BROACH Broach, Elise, author. The wolf keepers
YP Fiction CHENG Cheng, Jack, 1983- author. See you in the cosmos
YP Fiction CHEVERTON Cheverton, Mark, author. Terrors of the forest : an unofficial Minecrafter’s adventure
YP Fiction COVILLE Coville, Katherine, author. Ivy
YP Fiction CRONIN Cronin, Doreen, author. Dark shadows : yes, another misadventure
YP Fiction GARDINER Gardiner, John Reynolds. Stone fox
YP Fiction GEORGE George, Jessica Day, 1976- author. Saturdays at sea
YP Fiction GRIMES Grimes, Nikki, author. Garvey’s choice
YP Fiction HAMBURG Hamburg, Jennifer, author. Hazy Bloom and the tomorrow power
YP Fiction KING King, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 1970- author. Me and Marvin Gardens
YP Fiction KONIGSBURG Konigsburg, E. L. Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and me, Elizabeth
YP Fiction KUHLMANN Kuhlmann, Torben, 1982- author, illustrator. Lindbergh : the tale of a flying mouse
YP Fiction LANE Lane, Kathleen, 1967- author. The best worst thing
YP Fiction LAWSON Lawson, Robert, 1892-1957. Rabbit hill
YP Fiction LEGRAND Legrand, Claire, 1986- author. Some kind of happiness
YP Fiction MASS Mass, Wendy, 1967- author. The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase
YP Fiction OLMSTEAD Olmstead, Kathleen. Journey to the center of the earth
YP Fiction PATTERSON Patterson, James, 1947- author. Escape to Australia
YP Fiction PEARSON Pearson, Ridley. Disney at last
YP Fiction REYNOLDS Reynolds, Jason, author. As brave as you
YP Fiction SHEVAH Shevah, Emma, author. Dara Palmer’s major drama
YP Fiction TAYLOR Taylor, Sydney, 1904-1978 All-of-a-kind family
YP Fiction TOLKIEN Tolkien, J. R. R.. The hobbit, or, There and back again
YP Fiction URBAN Urban, Linda, author. Weekends with Max and his dad
YP Fiction VERNE Verne, Jules, 1828-1905. Around the world in eighty days
YP Fiction VOIGT Voigt, Cynthia. Homecoming
YP Fiction WEST West, Tracey, 1965- author. Search for the lightning dragon
YP Fiction WESTERFELD Westerfeld, Scott, author. Horizon
YP Graphic CAMPER Camper, Cathy, author. Lowriders to the center of the Earth
YP Graphic HATKE Hatke, Ben, author, illustrator. Little robot
YP Graphic HOLM Holm, Jennifer L. Babymouse : cupcake tycoon
YP Graphic LAWRENCE Lawrence, Mike (Comic book artist). Star scouts
YP Graphic LOUX Loux, Matthew, author. The Time museum
YP Graphic MCCORMICK McCormick, Scott, 1970- Mr. Pants : it’s go time!
YP Graphic NAPOLI Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948- author. Fish Girl
YP Graphic SIMPSON Simpson, Dana, 1977- artist, author. Unicorn crossing : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure
YP Graphic VENDITTI Venditti, Robert, author. The son of Neptune : the graphic novel
YP Graphic WINICK Winick, Judd, author, illustrator. Hilo : the great big boom
YP Mystery BUTLER Butler, Dori Hillestad, author. The ghosts at the movie theater
YP Mystery KELLY Kelly, David A. (David Andrew), 1964- author. The Capital catch
YP Mystery OCONNOR O’Connor, Jane, author. Nancy Clancy, late-breaking news!
YP Mystery THOMPSON Thompson, Lisa (Lisa Anne), 1973- author. The goldfish boy
YP 398.2 MOS Mosel, Arlene. The funny little woman.
YP 551.553 TAR Tarshis, Lauren, author. Tornado terror
YP 557.91 CHI Chin, Jason, 1978- author. Grand Canyon
YP 567.9 STI Stine, Megan, author. What was the age of the dinosaurs?
YP 793.73 CON Contraire, Bastien, artist. Undercover : one of these things is almost like the others
YP 821.008 ONE One minute till bedtime : 60-second poems to send you off to sleep
YP Fiction GUTMAN Gutman, Dan, author. Ms. Cuddy is nutty!
YP Mystery KEENE Keene, Carolyn, author. Candy Kingdom chaos
DVD YP Fiction ADVENTURE The adventure club
DVD YP Fiction ALBION Albion : the enchanted stallion
DVD YP Fiction CURIOUS Curious George. Egg hunting
DVD YP Fiction FANTASTIC Fantastic beasts and where to find them
DVD YP Fiction FANTASTIC Fantastic beasts and where to find them
DVD YP Fiction JETSONS The Jetsons & WWE. Robo-Wrestlemania! : original movie
DVD YP Fiction LEGO Lego Ninjago, masters of spinjitzu. Season 6, Skybound
DVD YP Fiction MOANA Moana
DVD YP Fiction PEPPA Peppa Pig. Around the world
DVD YP Fiction POWER Power Rangers Dino super charge. Vol. 2, Extinction
DVD YP Fiction ROGUE Rogue One : a Star Wars story
DVD YP Fiction SESAME Sesame Street. Elmo & Cookie Monster supersized fun
DVD YP Fiction SWAN The swan princess : royally undercover
DVD YP Fiction TANGLED Tangled : before ever after
DVD YP Fiction TEENAGE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Shredder

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