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"We must not think of learning as only what happens in schools. It is an extended part of life. The most readily available resource for all of life is our public library system."

- David McCullough,
Author of John Adams

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New Materials

APRIL, 2017


153.35 CAB Cabane, Olivia Fox, author. The net and the butterfly : the art and practice of breakthrough thinking
155.92 KEA Keating, Daniel P., 1949- author. Born anxious : the lifelong impact of early life adversity and how to break the cycle
241.4 LAM Lamott, Anne, author. Hallelujah anyway : rediscovering mercy
277.308 FIT FitzGerald, Frances, 1940- author. The Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America
305.4097 SPR Spruill, Marjorie Julian, 1951- author. Divided we stand : the battle over women’s rights and family values that polarized American politics
305.42 DOU Double bind : women on ambition
306.2097 ORE O’Reilly, Bill, author. Old school : life in the sane lane
306.3 THO Thompson, Derek, 1986- author. Hit makers : the science of popularity in an age of distraction
306.36 BRO Brody, Lauren Smith, author. The fifth trimester : the working mom’s guide to style, sanity, and big success after baby
336.2409 REI Reid, T. R, author. A fine mess : a global quest for a simpler, fairer, and more efficient tax system
362.1 GEY Geyman, John (Geyman, John P.), 1931- Crisis in U. S. Health Care: Corporate Power vs. The Common Good
362.1097 ROS Rosenthal, Elisabeth, 1956- author. An American sickness : how healthcare became big business and how you can take it back
362.299 WEI Weil, Andrew, author. Mind over meds : know when drugs are necessary, when alternatives are better– and when to let your body heal on its own
362.2995 OHL Ohler, Norman, author. Blitzed : drugs in the Third Reich
362.5097 DIN Dinh, Linh, 1963- Postcards from the end of America
364.973 ANA Anatomy of innocence : testimonies of the wrongfully convicted
518.1 ALM Almossawi, Ali. Bad choices : how algorithms can help you think smarter and live happier
577.554 LAW Lawson, Nancy, 1970- author. The humane gardener : nurturing a backyard habitat for wildlife
628.114 ALL Alley, William M, author. High and dry : meeting the challenges of the world’s growing dependence on groundwater
641.5 PRE Prescott, Dennis, author. Eat delicious : 125 recipes for your daily dose of awesome
641.8248 BED Beddia, Joe, author. Pizza camp : recipes from Pizzeria Beddia
641.853 CUR Curl, Jami, author. Candy is magic : real ingredients, modern recipes
660.6 PIO Piore, Adam, author. The body builders : inside the science of the engineered human
700.904 LAC Lacey, Catherine, 1985- author. The art of the affair : an illustrated history of love, sex, and artistic influence
791.4365 WET Wetta, Frank J., 1942- author. Last stands from the Alamo to Benghazi : how Hollywood turns military defeats into moral victories
796.3576 VER Verducci, Tom, author. The Cubs way : the zen of building the best team in baseball and breaking the curse
808.02 MCC McCann, Colum, 1965- author. Letters to a young writer : some practical and philosophical advice
909.8 MIS Mishra, Pankaj, author. Age of anger : a history of the present
973 MCC McCullough, David G, author. The American spirit : who we are and what we stand for
973.73 SEA Sears, Stephen W. Lincoln’s lieutenants : the high command of the Army of the Potomac
976.6004 GRA Grann, David, author. Killers of the Flower Moon : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI

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Biog CATHARINE HOWARD Russell, Gareth, author. Young and damned and fair : the life of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of King Henry VIII
Biog CHARLES Smith, Sally Bedell, 1948- author. Prince Charles : the passions and paradoxes of an improbable life
Biog DAY Hennessy, Kate, 1960- author. Dorothy Day : the world will be saved by beauty : an intimate portrait of my grandmother
Biog DU MAURIER Rosnay, Tatiana de, 1961- author. Manderley forever : a biography of Daphne Du Maurier
Biog HEMINGWAY Reynolds, Nicholas E, author. Writer, sailor, soldier, spy : Ernest Hemingway’s secret adventures, 1935-1961
Biog JONES Guinn, Jeff, author. The road to Jonestown : Jim Jones and Peoples Temple
Biog LEITE Leite, David, author. Notes on a banana : a memoir of food, love, and manic depression
Biog LETTERMAN Zinoman, Jason, author. Letterman : the last giant of late night
Biog LEVY Levy, Ariel, 1974- author. The rules do not apply : a memoir
Biog LYNCH Lynch, Barbara, 1964- author. Out of line : a life of playing with fire
Biog PARKER Parker, Willie (Willie J.), author. Life’s work : from the trenches, a moral argument for choice
Biog SANDBERG Sandberg, Sheryl, author. Option B : facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy

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Fiction BACKMAN Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author. Beartown : a novel
Fiction BALDACCI Baldacci, David, author. The fix
Fiction BAUSCH Bausch, Richard, 1945- author. Living in the weather of the world
Fiction BERRY Berry, Steve, 1955- author. The Lost Order
Fiction BITTO Bitto, Emily, author. The strays : a novel
Fiction BOYLAN Boylan, Jennifer Finney, 1958- author. Long black veil : a novel
Fiction BRENNER Brenner, Jamie, 1971- author. The forever summer : a novel
Fiction BUNTIN Buntin, Julie, author. Marlena : a novel
Fiction CALETTI Caletti, Deb, author. What’s become of her : a novel
Fiction CAMERON Cameron, Claire, 1973- author. The last Neanderthal : a novel
Fiction CARR Carr, Robyn, author. Any day now
Fiction CHAON Chaon, Dan, author. Ill will : a novel
Fiction CHRISTIE Christie, William, 1960- author. A single spy
Fiction CLARK Clark, Mary Higgins, author. All by myself, alone : a novel
Fiction CORRY Corry, Jane, author. My husband’s wife : a novel
Fiction DOYLE Doyle, Brian, 1956 November 6- author. The adventures of John Carson in several quarters of the world : a novel of Robert Louis Stevenson
Fiction EBERLEN Eberlen, Kate, author. Miss you
Fiction GEORGE George, Alex, 1970- author. Setting free the kites
Fiction GOLDEN Golden, Christopher, author. Ararat
Fiction GRODSTEIN Grodstein, Lauren, author. Our short history : a novel
Fiction HOLLEMAN Holleman, Emily, author. The drowning king
Fiction JAMES James, Julie, 1974- author. The thing about love
Fiction JEWELL Jewell, Lisa, author. I found you : a novel
Fiction JOHANSEN Johansen, Iris, author. No easy target
Fiction KERR Kerr, Philip, author. Prussian blue
Fiction KORELITZ Korelitz, Jean Hanff, 1961- author. The devil and Webster : a novel
Fiction KOSTOVA Kostova, Elizabeth, author. The shadow land : a novel
Fiction KUNZRU Kunzru, Hari, 1969- author. White tears
Fiction LANDVIK Landvik, Lorna, 1954- author. Once in a Blue Moon Lodge : a novel
Fiction MASTERMAN Masterman, Becky, author. Fear the darkness : a thriller
Fiction MCMAHON McMahon, Jennifer, 1968- author. Burntown : a novel
Fiction MERULLO Merullo, Roland, author. The delight of being ordinary : a road trip with the Pope and the Dalai Lama
Fiction MEYERS Meyers, Randy Susan, author. The widow of Wall Street : a novel
Fiction MIRANDA Miranda, Megan, author. The perfect stranger : a novel
Fiction MOYES Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author. The horse dancer
Fiction PATTERSON Patterson, James, 1947- author. 16th seduction
Fiction PIPKIN Pipkin, John, author. The blind astronomer’s daughter : a novel
Fiction PYWELL Pywell, Sharon L, author. The romance reader’s guide to life
Fiction RATNER Ratner, Vaddey, author. Music of the ghosts
Fiction RILEY Riley, Lucinda, author. The shadow sister : Star’s story
Fiction RIO Rio, M. L., author. If we were villains
Fiction RYAN Ryan, Jennifer (Jennifer L.). The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir : a novel
Fiction SANDFORD Sandford, John, 1944 February 23- author. Golden prey
Fiction SCOTTOLINE Scottoline, Lisa, author. One perfect lie
Fiction SHAFRIR Shafrir, Doree, author. Startup : a novel
Fiction SHREVE Shreve, Anita, author. The stars are fire
Fiction STATOVCI Statovci, Pajtim, author. My cat Yugoslavia
Fiction STEEL Steel, Danielle, author. Dangerous games : a novel
Fiction STRAWSER Strawser, Jessica, author. Almost missed you : a novel
Fiction STROUT Strout, Elizabeth, author. Anything is possible
Fiction TAYLOR Taylor, Andrew, 1951 October 14- author. The ashes of London
Fiction UNDERDOWN Underdown, Beth, author. The witchfinder’s sister : a novel
Fiction UNGER Unger, Lisa, 1970- author. The red hunter
Fiction VAN REET Van Reet, Brian, author. Spoils : a novel
Fiction WATTS Watts, Stephanie Powell, author. No one is coming to save us : a novel
Fiction WHITAKER Whitaker, Kayla Rae, author. The animators : a novel
Fiction WHITE White, Karen (Karen S.), author. The night the lights went out
Fiction WOODS Woods, Stuart, author. Fast & loose

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Mystery ANDREW Andrew, Sally, author. The satanic mechanic
Mystery CLEEVES Cleeves, Ann, author. Cold earth
Mystery DAHL Dahl, Julia, 1977- author. Conviction : a novel
Mystery DE MURIEL De Muriel, Oscar, author. A fever of the blood
Mystery DEAVER Deaver, Jeffery, author. The burial hour
Mystery HAMPTON Hampton, Nell (Mystery author), author. Kale to the Queen
Mystery HASELDINE Haseldine, Jane, 1966- author. Duplicity
Mystery HILLERMAN Hillerman, Anne, 1949- author. Song of the lion
Mystery LEON Leon, Donna, author. Earthly remains
Mystery MACKENZIE Mackenzie, Jassy, author. Bad seeds
Mystery MALLIET Malliet, G. M., 1951- author. Devil’s breath
Mystery NORMAN Norman, Howard A, author. My darling detective
Mystery PARETSKY Paretsky, Sara, author. Fallout
Mystery SHELTON Shelton, Paige, author. Of books and bagpipes
Mystery WHITE White, Randy Wayne, author. Mangrove lightning
Mystery YOCUM Yocum, Robin, author. A welcome murder : a novel

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Sci-Fi ASHER Asher, Neal L., 1961- author. Infinity engine
Sci-Fi CHAMBERS Chambers, Becky, author. A closed and common orbit
Sci-Fi MOON Moon, Elizabeth, author. Cold welcome
Sci-Fi NEUVEL Neuvel, Sylvain, 1973- author. Waking gods
Sci-Fi SUAREZ Suarez, Daniel, 1964- author. Change agent : a novel

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Audio 491.438 BAS Basic Hindi
Audio  616.85 MER Merkin, Daphne, author. This close to happy : a reckoning with depression

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DVD Action JACKRE Jack Reacher. Never go back
DVD Action WALKIN Walking with the enemy
DVD Biog FOUNDE The founder
DVD Biog HIDDEN Hidden figures
DVD Biog LION Lion
DVD Comedy MYCOUS My cousin Vinny
DVD Doc FORGRA For Grace
DVD Drama GHOST Ghost
DVD Drama PATERS Paterson
DVD Foreign JULIET Julieta
DVD Foreign SALESM The salesman
DVD Musical LALALA La La Land
DVD Suspense NOCTUR Nocturnal animals

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DVD 508 PLA Planet Earth II
DVD TV INSPECTOR 2 The Inspector Lynley mysteries. Volume 2
DVD TV MARS 1 Mars. [Season 1]
DVD TV SILICON 3 Silicon Valley. The complete third season
DVD TV SPORTS 1 Sports detectives. Season 1
DVD TV TO To walk invisible : the Bronte sisters
DVD TV VEEP 5 Veep. The complete fifth season
DVD TV WITNESS The witness for the prosecution

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cloudLibrary E-book Alcott, Kate. The Hollywood Daughter A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Anderson, Natalie C.. City of Saints & Thieves
cloudLibrary E-book Asher, Jay. Thirteen Reasons Why 10th Anniversary Edition
cloudLibrary E-book Attenberg, Jami. All Grown Up
cloudLibrary E-book Aveyard, Victoria. King’s Cage
cloudLibrary E-book Barrett, Lisa Feldman. How Emotions Are Made The Secret Life of the Brain
cloudLibrary E-book Batuman, Elif. The Idiot
cloudLibrary E-book Bush, George W.. Portraits of Courage A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors
cloudLibrary E-book Butler, Nickolas. The Hearts of Men A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Crombie, Deborah. Garden of Lamentations A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Donohue, Meg. Every Wild Heart A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Downing, David. Lenin’s Roller Coaster
cloudLibrary E-book Dunn, Sarah. The Arrangement A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Egan, Kevin. A Shattered Circle A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Finkel, Michael. The Stranger in the Woods The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit
cloudLibrary E-book Hamid, Mohsin. Exit West A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Howrey, Meg. The Wanderers
cloudLibrary E-book Iles, Greg. Mississippi Blood A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Jance, J.A.. Man Overboard An Ali Reynolds Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Kovac, Christina. The Cutaway A Thriller
cloudLibrary E-book Lovett, Charlie. The Lost Book of the Grail A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Macallister, Greer. Girl in Disguise
cloudLibrary E-book Mackall, Dandi Daley. With Love, Wherever You Are
cloudLibrary E-book Monroe, J.S.. Find Me A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Oakley, Colleen. Close Enough to Touch A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Obregon, Nicolas. Blue Light Yokohama
cloudLibrary E-book Parks, Brad. Say Nothing A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Perabo, Susan. The Fall of Lisa Bellow A Novel
cloudLibrary E-book Quirk, Matthew. Dead Man Switch
cloudLibrary E-book Roth, Veronica. Carve the Mark
cloudLibrary E-book Scalzi, John. The Collapsing Empire
cloudLibrary E-book See, Lisa. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
cloudLibrary E-book Stewart, Mariah. The Last Chance Matinee
cloudLibrary E-book Thomas, Angie. The Hate U Give
cloudLibrary E-book Tinti, Hannah. The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley A Novel

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OverDrive Audio Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1977- author, narrator. We should all be feminists
OverDrive Audio Bstan-dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935- author. The book of joy : lasting happiness in a changing world
OverDrive Audio Patterson, James, 1947- author. The black book
OverDrive Audio Rowling, J. K., author. Fantastic beasts and where to find them : by Newt Scamander
OverDrive Audio Yoon, Nicola, author. Everything, everything
OverDrive e-book One-pan wonders : fuss-free meals for your sheet pan, Dutch oven, skillet, roasting pan, casserole, and slow cooker
OverDrive e-book Allende, Isabel. The Japanese lover : a novel
OverDrive e-book Babb, Michelle, author. Anti-inflammatory eating for a happy, healthy brain : 75 recipes for alleviating depression, anxiety, and memory loss
OverDrive e-book Baldwin, Alec. Nevertheless : a Memoir.
OverDrive e-book Butler, Octavia E. Kindred
OverDrive e-book Crispin, Jessa, author. Why I am not a feminist : a feminist manifesto
OverDrive e-book Gay, Roxane, author. Bad feminist : essays
OverDrive e-book Harding, Kate, 1975- author. Asking for it : the alarming rise of rape culture–and what we can do about it
OverDrive e-book Johansen, Signe, author. How to hygge : the Nordic secrets to a happy life
OverDrive e-book Mallery, Susan, author. The friends we keep
OverDrive e-book Mallery, Susan, author. The girls of Mischief Bay
OverDrive e-book Mallery, Susan. A million little things
OverDrive e-book Nye, Bill, author. Unstoppable : harnessing science to change the world
OverDrive e-book Orwell, George, 1903-1950. 1984
OverDrive e-book Orwell, George, 1903-1950. Animal farm : a fairy story
OverDrive e-book Patterson, James, 1947- The Black Book
OverDrive e-book Picoult, Jodi, 1966- Nineteen minutes : a novel
OverDrive e-book Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator. Dog Man
OverDrive e-book Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator. Dog Man unleashed
OverDrive e-book Rapinchuk, Becky, author. Simply clean
OverDrive e-book Robinson, Phoebe, author. You can’t touch my hair : and other things I still have to explain
OverDrive e-book See, Lisa. The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane
OverDrive e-book Shange, Ntozake. For colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf
OverDrive e-book Shattuck, Jessica, author. The women in the castle : a novel
OverDrive e-book Thomas, Angie, author. The hate u give
OverDrive e-book Walker, Alice, 1944- The color purple
OverDrive e-book Winfrey, Oprah, author. Food, health, and happiness : 115 on-point recipes for great meals and a better life

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Compact Disc Pop HAM The Hamilton mixtape
Compact Disc Show HAM Hamilton : original Broadway cast recording

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YA Fiction EVES Eves, Rosalyn, author. Blood rose rebellion. Volume 1
YA Fiction ROWELL Rowell, Rainbow. Eleanor & Park
YA Fiction SKRYPUCH Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk, author. Making bombs for Hitler : a novel

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DVD YP Fiction COWGIRLS A cowgirl’s story
DVD YP Fiction GFORCE G-Force
DVD YP Fiction ICE Ice age : the great eggscapade
DVD YP Fiction LEGO Lego friends. United as one
DVD YP Fiction MONSTER A monster calls
DVD YP Fiction MONSTER Monster trucks
DVD YP Fiction PAW PAW patrol. Pups save the bunnies
DVD YP Fiction PEANUTS Peanuts by Schulz. Go team go!
DVD YP Fiction POKEMON Pokemon, the movie. Volcanion and the mechanical marvel
DVD YP Fiction SCOOBY-DOO Scooby-Doo and the creepy carnival
DVD YP Fiction SCOOBY-DOO Scooby-Doo!. Shaggy’s showdown, original movie
DVD YP Fiction SING Sing
DVD YP Fiction TOM Tom and Jerry. Follow that duck!
DVD YP Fiction TOM Tom and Jerry. School’s out
Easy Reader ALBEE Albee, Sarah. Olivia trains her cat
Easy Reader BAUER Bauer, Marion Dane, author. Clouds
Easy Reader BAUER Bauer, Marion Dane, author. Rain
Easy Reader BAUER Bauer, Marion Dane, author. Rainbow
Easy Reader BAUER Bauer, Marion Dane, author. Snow
Easy Reader BAUER Bauer, Marion Dane, author. Wind
Easy Reader BERENSTAIN Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author. The Berenstain Bears around the world
Easy Reader BERENSTAIN Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author. The Berenstain Bears take off!
Easy Reader BERENSTAIN Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author. We love baseball!
Easy Reader BIRCH Birch, Caitlin. Marley : firehouse dog
Easy Reader BRIGHT Bright, J. E, author. Better call Batman!
Easy Reader BRIGHT Bright, J. E, author. Heroes of Gotham City
Easy Reader CAPUCILLI Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957- author. Biscuit flies a kite
Easy Reader CRONIN Cronin, Doreen, author. Giggle, giggle, quack
Easy Reader FORTE Forte, Lauren, author. Olivia and the pet project
Easy Reader FORTE Forte, Lauren, author. Olivia helps Mother Nature
Easy Reader FRIEDMAN Friedman, Becky, author. Daniel learns to share
Easy Reader GALLO Gallo, Tina. Olivia plays soccer
Easy Reader GUTMAN Gutman, Dan, author. Rappy goes to the library
Easy Reader HARVEY Harvey, Alex (Children’s story adapter). Olivia goes camping
Easy Reader HELLER Heller, Alyson. Touchdown!
Easy Reader MARSHALL Marshall, Edward. Three by the sea
Easy Reader MCDOOGLE McDoogle, Farrah, author. Thank you day
Easy Reader MCDOOGLE McDoogle, Farrah. Olivia and the snow day
Easy Reader MILGRIM Milgrim, David, author, illustrator. Go, Otto, go!
Easy Reader OCONNOR O’Connor, Jane, author. Jojo and the big mess
Easy Reader OCONNOR O’Connor, Jane, author. Jojo and the magic trick
Easy Reader PENDERGRASS Pendergrass, Daphne, author. Daniel plays at school
Easy Reader PERKINS Perkins, Chloe, author. Australia
Easy Reader PERKINS Perkins, Chloe, author. Brazil
Easy Reader PERKINS Perkins, Chloe, author. China
Easy Reader PERKINS Perkins, Chloe, author. India
Easy Reader PERKINS Perkins, Chloe, author. Mexico
Easy Reader RAO Rao, Joe, author. The cool story behind snow
Easy Reader SCIESZKA Scieszka, Jon. Kat’s maps
Easy Reader SCIESZKA Scieszka, Jon. Trucks line up
Easy Reader SOLLINGER Sollinger, Emily. Olivia plants a garden
Easy Reader TESTA Testa, Maggie, author. Daniel feels left out
Easy Reader TESTA Testa, Maggie. Olivia and the rain dance
Easy Reader TESTA Testa, Maggie. Olivia measures up
Easy Reader THOMPSON Thompson, Lauren, 1962- Mouse loves school
Easy Reader WILEY Wiley, Melissa. Inch and Roly and the sunny day scare
Easy Reader WILEY Wiley, Melissa. Inch and Roly and the very small hiding place
Easy Reader WILEY Wiley, Melissa. Inch and Roly make a wish
Easy Reader WILLIAMS Williams, Bonnie, author. Pete can fly!
Easy Reader WILLIAMS Williams, Bonnie, author. Say cheese, Teddy Rex!
Easy Reader WILLIAMS Williams, Bonnie. Meet Teddy Rex!
Easy Reader ZAPPY Zappy, Erica, author. Lemonade stand
Little Picture Book ADAMS Adams, Jennifer, 1970- author. Aladdin and the wonderful lamp
Little Picture Book ADAMS Adams, Jennifer, 1970- author. A little princess : a friendship primer
Little Picture Book BARTON Barton, Byron, author, illustrator. My house
Little Picture Book CHANNING Channing, Margot, author. First words and pictures : on the go
Little Picture Book COAT Coat, Janik. Hippopposites
Little Picture Book HENN Henn, Sophy, author, illustrator. Pom Pom Panda gets the grumps
Little Picture Book NA Na, Il Sung, author, illustrator. The opposite zoo
Little Picture Book ROSENTHAL Rosenthal, Amy Krouse, author. Little Oink
Little Picture Book YOON Yoon, Salina. Deep sea dive
Picture Book ALBOROUGH Alborough, Jez. Hug
Picture Book BRIDWELL Bridwell, Norman. Clifford’s birthday party
Picture Book CHOLDENKO Choldenko, Gennifer, 1957- author. Dad and the dinosaur
Picture Book COUSINS Cousins, Lucy, author, illustrator. Maisy goes to the local bookstore
Picture Book COUSINS Cousins, Lucy, author. Maisy plays soccer
Picture Book CURTIS Curtis, Jamie Lee, 1958- My mommy hung the moon : a love story
Picture Book DAYWALT Daywalt, Drew, author. The legend of rock, paper, scissors
Picture Book DIESEN Diesen, Deborah, author. The pout-pout fish, far, far from home
Picture Book FALCONER Falconer, Ian, 1959- author, illustrator. Olivia the spy
Picture Book GARTON Garton, Sam, author, illustrator. Otter loves Easter!
Picture Book GEIST Geist, Ken. The three little fish and the big bad shark
Picture Book KANG Kang, Anna, author. Can I tell you a secret?
Picture Book KANG Kang, Anna, author. I am (not) scared
Picture Book KANG Kang, Anna, author. That’s (not) mine
Picture Book KURYLA-YELCHIN Kuryla-Yelchin, Mary. Heart of a snowman
Picture Book LITWIN Litwin, Eric. Pete the cat : I love my white shoes
Picture Book LONDON London, Jonathan, 1947- author. Froggy goes to Grandma’s
Picture Book LOW Low, William. Machines go to work
Picture Book MAYER Mayer, Kirsten, author. Go big or go gnome!
Picture Book PALACIO Palacio, R. J, author, illustrator. We’re all wonders
Picture Book REAGAN Reagan, Jean, 1965- author. How to raise a mom
Picture Book REYNOLDS Reynolds, Peter H. (Peter Hamilton), 1961- author, Happy dreamer
Picture Book ROCKWELL Rockwell, Anne F, author. Zoo day
Picture Book RUSSELL Russell, James, 1972- author. The dragon hunters : a Dragon Brothers book
Picture Book SAYRE Sayre, April Pulley, author. Squirrels leap, squirrels sleep
Picture Book SLATER Slater, Dashka, author. Escargot
Picture Book THOMAS Thomas, Rich, adaptor. Iron Man : an origin story
Picture Book THOMAS Thomas, Rich, author. Captain America : an origin story
Picture Book THOMAS Thomas, Rich. Spider-man : an origin story
Picture Book THOMAS Thomas, Rich. X-Men : an origin story
Picture Book TILLMAN Tillman, Nancy. Wherever you are, my love will find you
Picture Book WELLS Wells, Rosemary. Max’s chocolate chicken
Picture Book WILLEMS Willems, Mo. The Pigeon finds a hot dog!
YP Biog ARMSTRONG Hubbard, Ben, 1973- author. Neil Armstrong and traveling to the moon
YP Biog COLEMAN Alexander, Carol, 1955- author. Bessie Coleman : trailblazing pilot
YP Biog COLEMAN Flynn, Riley, author. Bessie Coleman
YP Biog CURIE Gordon, Fernando, author. Marie Curie
YP Biog DIANA Labrecque, Ellen, author. Who was Princess Diana?
YP Biog MUIR Lasky, Kathryn, author. John Muir : America’s first environmentalist
YP Biog NIGHTINGALE Edison, Erin. Florence Nightingale
YP Biog SAGAN Sisson, Stéphanie Roth, author. Star stuff : Carl Sagan and the mysteries of the cosmos
YP Biog TRUTH Turner, Ann Warren. My name is Truth : the life of Sojourner Truth
YP Biog WINFREY Ryckman, Tatiana, author. Oprah Winfrey : media mogul and philanthropist
YP Fiction BLABEY Blabey, Aaron, author. The Bad Guys in Mission unpluckable
YP Fiction BRALLIER Brallier, Max, author. The last kids on Earth
YP Fiction BROACH Broach, Elise, author. Trouble at school for Marvin & James
YP Fiction CARROLL Carroll, Emma, 1970- author. In darkling wood
YP Fiction CLEARY Cleary, Beverly. Henry and Ribsy
YP Fiction CUBE KID Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction), author. Path of the diamond
YP Fiction DEL RIO Del Rio, Tania, author. Warren the 13th and the whispering woods
YP Fiction DONOGHUE Donoghue, Emma, 1969- author. The Lotterys plus one
YP Fiction FRANK Frank, Steven, 1963- author. Armstrong & Charlie
YP Fiction GOLDBLATT Goldblatt, Mark, 1957- Finding the worm
YP Fiction GREENWALD Greenwald, Lisa. My life in pink & green
YP Fiction GRIFFITHS Griffiths, Andy, 1961- author. The 65-story treehouse
YP Fiction HOLUB Holub, Joan, author. Nyx the mysterious
YP Fiction HUNTER Hunter, Erin, author. Shattered sky
YP Fiction KOWITT Kowitt, Holly. The loser list
YP Fiction MCGHEE McGhee, Holly M., author. Matylda, bright & tender
YP Fiction MONTALBANO Montalbano, Andrea, author. Out of bounds
YP Fiction MOORE Moore, Steve, 1965- author, illustrator. No fear!
YP Fiction OHEARN O’Hearn, Kate, author. The runaway
YP Fiction PATTERSON Patterson, James, 1947- author. School of laughs
YP Fiction SCHLITZ Schlitz, Laura Amy, author. Princess Cora and the crocodile
YP Fiction SHURTLIFF Shurtliff, Liesl, author. Jack : the true story of Jack and the beanstalk
YP Fiction SUROVEC Surovec, Yasmine, author, illustrator. My pet human
YP Fiction SUROVEC Surovec, Yasmine, author, illustrator. My pet human takes center stage
YP Fiction TASHJIAN Tashjian, Janet, author. My life as a ninja
YP Fiction WILLIAMS Bianco, Margery Williams, 1881-1944. The velveteen rabbit : or, How toys become real
YP Graphic SMITH Smith, Jeff, 1960 Feb. 27- The dragonslayer
YP Graphic TELGEMEIER Telgemeier, Raina. Smile
YP Graphic WATTERS Watters, Shannon, author. Lumberjanes. Volume 6, Sink or swim
YP Graphic YANG Yang, Gene Luen, author. Paths & portals
YP Graphic YANG Yang, Gene Luen, author. Secret coders
YP Graphic YANG Yang, Gene Luen, author. Secrets & sequences
YP Mystery DIXON Dixon, Franklin W, author. Scavenger hunt heist
YP Mystery GARRETSON Garretson, Dee, author. The clue in the papyrus scroll
YP Mystery GIBBS Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author. Panda-monium
YP 551 COL Cole, Joanna. The magic school bus : inside the Earth
YP 551.319 SIM Simon, Seymour. Lightning
YP 577.636 MES Messner, Kate, author. Over and under the pond
YP 591.92 COL Cole, Joanna. The magic school bus on the ocean floor
YP 709.22 STA Stabler, David, author. Kid artists : true tales of childhood from creative legends
YP 794.8 POK Pokemon : classic collector’s handbook : official guide to the first 151 Pokémon
YP 796.0922 STA Stabler, David, author. Kid athletes : true tales of childhood from sports legends
YP 796.357 BEC Bechtel, Mark, author. Big book of who : baseball

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