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Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

See past Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

The Library Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Haddonfield Public Library. It generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 8 am in the library’s NJ Room, except in August. The Library Board meetings are open to the public. For more information about the Library Board, click here.

Board of Trustees Meeting
New Jersey Room
Tuesday,December 20, 2016

CALL TO ORDER: Goodworth called the meeting to order at 8:05 am. She stated that the meeting was in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

ROLL CALL: Present: Blau, Goodworth, Hallahan, Kasko, Kelleher, Smith, Squadrito-Moskovitz and Zino. Absent: Marchand, Perry.


AGENDA APPROVAL: Squadrito-Moskovitz moved to approve the agenda; Blau seconded. Motion carried.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Squadrito-Moskovitz moved to approve the minutes from the November 22, 2016. Kelleher seconded. Motion carried.

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Marchand not present.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Hallahan moved to approve checks; Goodworth seconded. Motion carried. Kelleher recommended that library do an RFP for the auditor since it has been six years since the library last did one; although there is no legal requirement to do so this is nonetheless good practice.

A. Budget Committee – See Treasurer’s Report above.
B. Building and Grounds Committee – Smith arranging meeting with Mr. Marshall; committee is meeting regarding landscape next year.
C. Personnel Committee – Goodworth has worked on new form for Zino’s evaluation; hoping to create a shorter and easier to use document. The form has a rating scale, and she would like to require that the entire board participate as well as some voluntary participation by staff and community. This is a change from the past where only the Board president and personnel committee reviewed the library president.
D. Nominating – no report.
E. Fundraising – Blau reported that he met with D. Macdonald regarding the campaign. The name of the campaign will be “The Haddonfield Library and Historical Building Campaign.” There will be an invitation-only event on the morning of Jan 27, 2017 where the library will talk about history of library and the future of library. He hopes to send out 300 invitations to long-time supporters of library and community, and to cater the event through donations of local restaurants.

Other items of interest:
a. This is the 100th anniversary year of the building of the library in 1917.
b. Blau went to Historical Society of Haddonfield and found:
i. a copy of the original building agreement for library – $27,500 for the original costs. The 1917 library    raised the money in 5 days with team captains – every single person got their name on the cornerstone. Current library board would like to try to find the cornerstone.
ii. a newspaper article with pictures of men who did it.
iii. the actual bill of sale – the terrazzo floors cost $350.00.
iv. the campaign brochure.
c. Blau noted that there had been controversy about the site. Miss Nicholson who owned the land was reluctant to give land up; she required that all the offensive material in the library had to be removed and that no alcohol could be in the building, which was included in the deed. There was additional controversy because felt that library was in inconvenient location.
d. Blau also noted that there is still a “library company” with current members included Kathy Tassini and John Reisner. The library was owned 1/3 by Haddonfield, 1/3 by the library company and 1/3 by the Historical Society of Haddonfield. The historical society deeded its share to the borough, and then the library company needed financing, so it donated its share to the borough as well. Mr. Reisner is looking into documentation for this.
e. Blau is going to visit the Historical Society of Haddonfield to find more photographs, long term librarian pictures.
f. For the January 27 event, the committee is going to get poster board size copies of the materials. Speakers include former library board president Bill Reynolds and other long term residents. There will be giving opportunities and levels for giving, and will be the kick-off for 100th anniversary year. Squadrito-Moskovitz will coordinate PR with Blau.
g. Blau would also like board to come up with people who should be invited. Hallahan suggested contacting past volunteers and staff members.
h. October 27, 2017 – community celebration of the library.
F. Marketing Committee – see above.
G. Policies and Procedures Committee – Zino reported that the bulk of policies are in google documents and are ready to be approved. The most urgent of the polices is fines and fees policy which have been updated with a slight increase; Zino would like to have new rates approved. Motion made by Squadrito-Moskovitz to accept Fines and Fees policy, with removal of terms “HF” at bottom of chart. Blau seconded. Motion passed. The balance of policies slated for approval for next meeting.
H. Strategic Plan Committee – No report.
I. Haddonfield Foundation – Zino reported that there has been low activity.
J. Friends of the Library. Zino is going to check about the electric fireplaces that Hallahan would like to donate.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT. New tech librarian has joined staff; she is going to be updating website. Other new programs include 3D printer, and the staff is working on service policy on how to use the 3D printer, such as drop off your project and the library will run it. Other programs will include Google coding to teach programming, robotics and engineering. Press releases and news articles are in progress regarding the hire of the new librarian.

Squadrito-Moskovitz noted that BOE is not going to hold summer academy this summer; discussed whether library could offer those classes instead. Zino is looking into this.

A. Election of Officers – tabled to January

A. All new business to next year.

ADJOURNMENT: Squadrito-Moskovitz moved to adjourn the meeting, Goodworth seconded. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 8:47.

The Library Board’s next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. in the Haddonfield Library.

Respectfully Submitted,
Janet Hallahan

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