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Frequently Asked Questions about the Library


Q. How can I get a library card?

A.  If you live or own property, have a full time job, or are a student in Haddonfield you are eligible for a library card at the Haddonfield Public Library.

Please come to the library and apply for a card. You can get the card on the spot. Remember to bring identification! Students should bring their school identification and come with a parent or guardian to register, through age 17.  Acceptable forms of identification are: NJ driver’s license or car registration; a current utility or credit card bill with Haddonfield address; a local property deed; or proof from your Haddonfield employer on letterhead that you are employed in Haddonfield.

Q. If I live in a surrounding town, such as Barrington, am I eligible for a Haddonfield Library card?

A. No. You can purchase a non resident card that gives you full access to library services. The card is valid for one year from date of purchase.

Q. Is the Haddonfield Library card good at other libraries in the Camden County area?

A. No, it is valid in Haddonfield only. The library laws of NJ dictate that only those residents who do not have a public library in their towns are eligible for free borrower cards from their county library. Because Haddonfield has its own library, residents of Haddonfield must pay a fee for a Camden County Library card.

Q. How many items can I check out at a time?  Up to fifty items.

Q. When are my items due?  

A. When you check out materials, you will receive a receipt that shows what items were checked out and when they are due. You may also check your account online to see when your materials are due.

Q. How much are fines and fees at the library?

A.  A new schedule of fines and fees was adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 20, 2016.  These are the fines/fees in effect as of February 1, 2017:

Fine or Fee Category: Fines per item and maximum fines per item – Effective on 02/01/2017
Daily fines for most book, 3 week DVDs, Audiobooks, Compact Discs, and Periodicals, Playaways $0.20 per day for adults, teens and children for most items; $10.00 maximum fine per item for adults; $5.00 maximum fine per item for children collections and YA books
Daily fine for reserved items $0.25 per day up to maximum of $10.00 per item
Daily fine for ILL items $0.25 per day up to maximum of $20.00 per item
Feature Films $1.00 per day up to $10.00 per item
TV DVDs $1.00 per day up to $10.00 per item
YA DVDs $1.00 per day up to $10.00 per item
Express Reads & Express DVDs $2.00 per day up to $20.00 per item
Children’s Express DVDs $1.00 per day up to $10.00 per item
Museum Passes $5.00 per day up to $75.00 per item
Grace periods for late items 1 day grace period for late items
Other fees:
Non-resident cards $75.00 per year or option of 6-month card for $40
Senior Citizen non-resident card $50.00 age 60 and over
Borrower’s card replacement fee $3.00 per card
Replacement cost for DVD cases (including Museum Pass cases) – lost or damaged $5.00
Replacement cost for lost or damaged Museum Pass lanyard $5.00
Flash Drives $10.00
Earbuds $1.00
Photocopier/Public Printer fees B&W: $0.20 per page; Color: $0.50 per page
Plastic bags in Children’s Dept. that hold collections $1.00 per bag
Lost item charges:
Books, DVDs, CDs, etc. Generally the price of the item
Processing fees $5.00 per item – non-refundable if lost item is returned
Postage charges Will be charged if overdue collection is sent to collection agency
Refund for lost items Refund on paid replacement cost only will be made if lost and paid items are returned within 30 days.  Processing fee is not refunded.  The refund will be made within 7 days.

Fines on card-holder accounts in excess of $4.99 will block any further borrowing, renewals, reserve placing.  Account balances must be brought down to below $5.00 before borrowing and reserve requests can occur.  If you have an email address on file with the library, you will receive a reminder that your items will be due, 3 days before they are due. Overdue notices are sent out weekly.  Reminder notices are only sent by email. Overdue notices are sent by email or postal mail per cardholder preference. Failure to receive this notice is not grounds for the cancellation of fines. It is the responsibility of all borrowers to inform the library of any change of email address or mailing address.  Failure to return items after receiving a 2nd overdue notice will result in an invoice for those items being sent by postal mail to the borrower’s mailing address.


 Q. Does the library have a copy machine?

 A. Yes, photocopies cost $0.20 a page for b&w, $0.50 for color . Copies can be made in the sizes of letter (8 x 11) and ledger (11 x 17), which covers legal size (11 x 14).

Q. Does the library offer fax or scanning services?

 A. No. There are several businesses within walking distance of the library that offer these services.

Q. Does the library have Internet access or computers with word processing programs?

 A. Yes. Ask at the Reference Desk while in the library or read the full text online in our Policies section. The Internet is available on 14 computers throughout the library. These computers also have Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There is no charge for access. Computer printouts are .15 a page. Generally a library card is required to use a public computer. Guest passes are available for visitors.

Q. Does the library provide proctoring services?

 A. Yes, the library does provide this service for library card holders. We need advance notice to conduct proctoring. Contact the Reference Desk at 429-1304 or reference@haddonfieldlibrary.org for more information.

Q. Can I use my wireless laptop to access the Internet in the library?

 A. Yes, wireless access is available throughout the library. More information is available when you come to the library.

Q. Does the library have meeting rooms available?

 A. Yes, please see the Meeting Room policy and section for more information.

Q. Does the library have a notary public?

 A. No. The Haddonfield Information Center on Kings Highway provides this service for residents. There are commercial notaries available within the business district.

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